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Oct 16, 2013 12:29 PM

Mastro's Walk in without Rez

I am planning on walking into Mastro's this Friday night around 730pm for dinner - my husband and I. The website is noting there are no reservations available between 6pm-1015pm. I have not been to Mastro's yet, so I am wondering if there is a chance that we will be able to get slipped in, even with a wait, if we just walk in on a Friday night. Thanks.

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  1. Why would you cause the restaurant the stress and potential embarrassment by needing to turn you down?

    Is not the best way to get great customer service to be a good customer?

    I don't get it.

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    1. re: TinaLH

      I have found that sometimes restaurants/websites will block out the busiest time of the night and will not make reservations over those times - or maybe minimal reservations. But they will accommodate a few walk ins. I am wondering if Mastro's would be one of those places in anyone's experience.

    2. Personally I would call the restaurant now and inquire as to the likelihood of being seated as a walk in without a reservation. 7:30pm is prime time for restaurants - so on a Friday night unless there are no shows it may be a long shot. Unless they tell you on the phone you likely could be fit in, I would go with a Plan B. Does it have to be Mastro's? There are other equal (or better) quality steakhouses in the same general area that do have availability at decent times that night. David Burke's would be my Plan B, but if you dislike Burke's there is other options such as Ruth's Chris, Benny's, Capital Grille etc.

      1. I would just go into the bar, it's large with lots of high-tops, and grab a table--they're first-come-first-served. It's much more festive in the bar, they'll have a piano player, and you can order the full menu.

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        1. re: jbontario

          Perfect. I don't mind eating in the bar - actually sometimes prefer it depending on the restaurant. We have a CG for Mastro's and obviously it was a last minute, so I understand them not being able to accommodate us in the main dining area. If they can, then great. But the secondary option of the bar would be a great plan B. Thanks guys!

          1. re: cfitzpatrick

            I would agree, the bar should have seats for you, albeit you may have a wait, with a cocktail. If nothing else the bar area is still nice, and jbontario points out will have piano music.