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Oct 16, 2013 10:08 AM

*sigh* so happy to find this site....

....and other food-obsessed people. lol

I am brand new to the site and will try to post correctly and learn all "the rules". I see from some of the discussion threads here that other posters get heated if you don't follow proper etiquette. I will try!

As I said, just so happy to find this forum for like minded people.
I have no peers in my social circle willing to discuss at length the proper color of

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  1. I prefer to get my roux a nice mahogany brown when I make gumbo but much lighter for a gravy. Plain white for a bechamel.


    1. Welcome!

      And I, too, am so happy you have found us.

      1. You will find that we will discuss ANYTHING ad nauseum!!! There's a new feature that allows us to "unfollow" a thread. In the past if I made the mistake of replying to one that became the thread that wouldn't die, i.e., I had one about cottage cheese for goodness sake, it came back to haunt me. Everybody had one of those.

        Welcome. I've learned more here than I ever thought possible.

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        1. re: c oliver

          lol...yes, I will have to find that "unfollow" feature soon. It is the roux discussion on the Home Cooking board that I keep getting notified of new comments. As you said, I am sure I will learn a ton. Thank you.

        2. Welcome - just out of curiosity, how DID you find Chowhound? It's not as well-known as Yelp and some other food sites.

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            1. re: greygarious

              It was through a google search. Maybe searching for a recipe of something? I created a user name a few weeks ago but just began successfully posting last night (I tried before but the moderators removed my post because I was asking advice about starting a food small biz - a no no, I learned). I stayed up until midnight looking at all the discussion boards.

              Since you mentioned Yelp, I guess you are referring to the reviews of restaurants on CH. I am actually a dedicated home cook and looking for advice/ideas/improved techniques for cooking at home.

              1. re: foodcompletesme

                Oh, you've totally been christened - you've had a post removed! Well done. Some of us go for months or years before that happens. :-D

                Welcome - the Home Cooking board seems to be the most active, and there are a lot of knowledgeable people there. Several specialty boards have also been created (Cheese, BBG/Grilling, etc.), so enjoy the exploring.

                1. re: LindaWhit

                  I went 2-1/2 months before I got the 'rate the chow, not the Chowhoud' e-mail from the mods. It took me a while to learn the ropes here. I had been involved in news and political discussions online and those always get heated. I have not been admonished by the mods since those first few months. ; )

            2. Then of course you have the choice of blonde Florida mahogany, the reddish copper from the hills of Costa Rica, or the deep ebony of the Mosquito Coast. Some on here do get pretty specific on the ingredients.

              Which is to say, where there are bridges of understanding, you can usually expect a few trolls to stir the pot. The more you interact, the better you will understand the rules of the site, not to mention the community.


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              1. re: INDIANRIVERFL

                oh bummer, there are trolls here too? I encounter that on CNN discussion board too. Who has the time for that?

                regarding the specific descriptions of dishes that you mentioned, I will probably be guilty of that detail. I think it helps you almost smell and taste the dish when you hear the ingredients and descriptions they use. Keep 'em coming! : )

                1. re: foodcompletesme

                  Not really trolls. Some posters get rather exasperated if their input is misunderstood, and some enjoy a little teasing, but that's about it.