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Oct 16, 2013 09:46 AM

Bar hopping near Barclay's

I'm headed to a concert on Saturday at Barclay's and I'd like to take my Long Island friends bar hopping before hand. Any suggestions for casual food and fun bars in the area or a subway ride away? Money isn't as important as fun is. We like dive-y bars, sports bars, neighborhood bars and don't want anything trendy or hipster-y.


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    1. re: Bob Martinez

      O'Connor's is still under renovation and not open for business. Cyprus Avenue is a good rec, a little further down 5th at Union is 200 5th.

    2. Also Cyprus Avenue at 52 Fifth Avenue at Bergen Street. I have been to 4 concerts at the Barclays and before the shows Cyprus Avenue had the music playing from the headline bands. Of course these were rock shows and I don't know what you are seeing. I'm gonna guess they weren't playing Streisand when she played.

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      1. re: psnative

        Ha! It's Pearl Jam and it'd be great to hit a bar playing them right before! We'll definitely check ot out.

        1. re: sbolduc

          I would then that yes they will be playing Pearl Jam. They did it for the Stones, The Who, Neil Young and Bob Dylan.

      2. You could try Bogota, a Park Slope Latin-American restaurant that serves up some very nice mojitos, caipirinhas, margaritas and sangrias. They serve up some really good Colombian food as well.

        It's located at 141 Fifth Avenue, a few blocks south of Cyprus Avenue, a still-reasonable walk to/from Barclay's.

        1. Hank's Saloon on 3rd and Atlantic (not for food).

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          1. I think for a pre-concert nosh, you could try Bonnie's and/or Pork Slope. They're about a 10-12 minute walk from the Barclays. Get there early enough so a 10-20 minute wait won't be a problem. And if you have extra time as you walk north on 5th ave, there are a bunch of other places along the way.

            Somone mentioned Cyprus Road which is nice but very small. Right across the street from it is a new bar that specializes in Scotch and Scottish beers. No food there yet, but I like the vibe in there.