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Recipes for canned tuna other than salad or pasta - lower carb options

What are your favorite low carb recipes for tuna other than salad or pasta?

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  1. Tuna burgers/ patties. I make them a lot. Canned tuna, eggs, chopped onion, canned peas, or frozen, optional. I lije to put in some shredded cheese and bread or cracker crumbs. Spices as you like- i like salt and pepper, garlic and onion powder. Porm patties. Pan fry or bake on greased pan.

    Can make a loaf, too.

    Just remembered my sister whoused to add tuna to her veggie stir fry for protein.

    Its good with cheese in an omelet, too.

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      Great idea. I've actually pondered tuna in eggs but wasn't sure if that'd be a good combo. I eat eggs at least once a day so I'm always looking for new ideas.

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        In Spain they fill hard boiled eggs with tuna mixed with mayo. The yolk is not incorporated. I don't eat them though.

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          Sounds like a great idea. Is there a reason you don't? Just wondering as you mentioned it.

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            I don't like any hard boiled eggs.

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            The eggs never did it for me but i could not get enough of the olives stuffed with tuna.....!

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            I adore tuna and American cheese in an omelet!

        2. Tuna melts in veggies instead of in bread (in a tomato, in an avocado, in a pepper, etc.

          Tuna, especially tuna in oil (non-albacore) is really very good in omelets, indeed.

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            I was going to suggest omelets, frittate, quiche, Spanish tortilla, etc. Also, it works well in casseroles - vegetable or tofu based.

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                um. yeah. i just remember making stuffed eggplant from a recipe once, and seeing that you could throw in a can of tuna if you felt like it. now i just wing it. and throw in a can of tuna if i feel like it. i wonder where i got the recipe.... i'm so sorry. I'll try and think.

            1. There is a really tasty tuna spread recipe over on the current Cookbook of the Month/David Leite thread that's relatively low carb and can be eaten with low carb veggies, low carb flour crackers, etc.


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                Yes, I made the tuna spread and we Loved it. You don't have to smear it on bread or crackers, though. It's also delicious stuffed into celery stalks or into lettuce cups, hollowed out tomatoes, really anything you can think of.

                Here's my report:
                Tuna Spread, Pg. 42, The New Portuguese Table
                On-line recipe:

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                    Hi Gio, I've made this three times since I saw your review and the recipe for home and a work party. Everyone loved it.

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                      I'm so very glad to read that, Tedmom! To tell the truth I really didn't know what to expect just by reading the recipe, but I was very pleasantly surprised.

                1. Also, remembering your love of meat with other meat, how about vitello tonnato?

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                    This is quite interesting. I might try with less mayo or perhaps yogurt.

                  2. One of my favorite dinners is a tuna fritatta with green onions, mushrooms, & a little of whatever cheese I have around.

                    I use Fine Cooking's recipe maker as a (loose) reference guide.


                    1. Vitello Tonnato - Veal in tuna sauce. A classic Piedmontese dish.

                      Here's one recipe from Saveur:

                      1. Harumi Kurihara has an interesting recipe for a salad that's just carrots and canned tuna. I know you said "no salad" but I wasn't sure if you meant more traditional salads. You can find the recipe online by searching for tuna carrot salad.

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                          I should have specified. Nicoise would be a great answer as is this, I meant in the realm of deli style or perhaps I should just make my deli style tuna salad more creative :)

                          1. Uses bread crumbs so this has some carbs.

                            Tuna Zucchini Cakes
                            credit - Diane Dorn, Minneapolis

                            1 medium zucchini, shredded
                            1 (6 ½ to 7 oz) can tuna, drained and flaked
                            1 ½ c. bread crumbs (3 slices)
                            1 egg
                            2 tsp. grated onion
                            1 tsp. lemon juice
                            ¼ tsp. salt
                            2 T. cooking oil

                            Finely shred the zucchini. Pat dry with paper towels.

                            In medium bowl mix all ingredients. Shape into two 3-inch patties. Heat oil in a 10 inch skillet over medium heat. Cook patties until browned on both sides, 8 – 10 minutes.

                            1. Oil packed, mixed with herby vinegrette and chopped almonds- stuff into a tomato or long split cucumber with seeds scooped out.
                              Also a great addition to a thick tomato sauce, serve ontop of spaghetti squash, roasted eggplant, roasted acorn squash

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                                Tomato sauce was an idea, you think they pair well? I was planning to make a meat sauce this weekend but perhaps I'll sub in tuna.

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                                  Giada on Food Network has a recipe for fusilli with tuna and tomato sauce. The key seems to be adding lemon zest and capers to help balance the flavors. Since you want low carb, serve with zucchini or spaghetti squash

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                                    Zucchini noodles was the plan. I was planning to make a basic tomato sauce tomorrow anyway so I'll probably do that and then add tuna and simmer whenever we plan to have the noodles.

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                                    I think the tuna needs acid, and the tomato sauce is great- esp if you add an extra dash of vinegar or wine to the sauce. Just leave out the meat, but you could use whitebeans and tuna in the sauce for an extra protein and fiber addition

                                2. - tuna-stuffed peppers or tomatoes
                                  - tuna casserole with cauliflower instead of pasta
                                  - tuna melt on a slice of grilled eggplant (or a grilled portobello) instead of bread

                                  1. Tuna and white bean salad

                                    1 can tuna + 1 can white beans + vinaigrette + chopped red onion/shallot + chopped herb (parsley, basil, dill, other soft herb) + optional capers or olives + optional 1-2 veggie mix-ins (green beans, radishes, cherry tomatoes, arugula, celery, a bitter green like endive or radicchio, etc.)

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                                      I was going to suggest this, but GilaB beat me to it. Really, really, tasty.

                                      And if you feel like experimenting with a deli style, try adding some horseradish. It really give it an umph!

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                                          I do a variation on this that's a big hit in hot weather - 3 cans tuna drained (MUST be Italian in olive oil, like Pastene or Genova), 2 cans white beans drained, 1/2 lb green beans cut into 1" pieces, boiled for 3 minutes and then shocked in ice water and drained, 1/2 red onion chopped, fresh parsley and thyme, a bit of good olive oil and juice of 2 lemons.

                                        2. Marcella Hazan's tuna-caper-butter spread for canapes is even better on cut up vegetables. A can of oil-packed light tuna, two tbsp. capers, and half a stick of sweet butter, whizzed up in the food processor. No one can ever figure out what's in there, but it's addictive.

                                          1. Tonnato sauce. Doesn't need to just be on veal!

                                            Anchovies, tuna in oil, capers, eggs, good quality olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper.

                                            Works well on: heirloom tomatoes, grilled romaine lettuce, seared tuna, cold chicken.

                                              1. On the subject of tuna with eggs, it makes a mighty good souffle with celery. Maybe some capers & a little minced red pepper...

                                                Also, creamed tuna. Doesn't necessarily have to be on toast. Could be served over green beans, or roasted tomatoes. Perhaps asparagus?

                                                1. I once made a sort of savory bread pudding in which the base was tuna, sharp cheddar, and pumpernickel bread (not exactly low carb, I know). Unfortunately, I can't recall where I saw the recipe or which spices/herbs I used, but it was fabulous!

                                                  1. Miso soup.
                                                    The broth can be your own , with dashi, miso paste and kelp, brought to a simmer then strained.
                                                    Or you can use a Kikkoman package.
                                                    Add vegetables or garnishes of your choice, plus tuna.
                                                    Keep the noodles out or optional, if they happen to come with a miso package/kit. Soba noodles with buckwheat will be low in carbs and will soften in 30 seconds.
                                                    I like chives, radish, radicchio, and some hard boiled egg, along with large flakes of tuna, in a miso broth.

                                                    1. I love avocados stuffed with oil packed tuna mixed with fresh herbs. Is that too salad-y?

                                                      I also love veal tonnata. Served on a bed of sautéed spinach it makes a wonderful dinner. My husband is not a fan of veal so I will often just make the sauce and serve it over sliced roast chicken instead. I use Marcella Hazan recipe.

                                                      oops- just saw a few other people posted the same thing!

                                                      1. Ran across a recipe for Tuna Chowder in a cookbook of recipes from can labels and boxes of various foodstuff. Excellent chowder, did not taste like canned tuna at all. Its make with a can of cream of celery soup, a can of cream of shrimp soup, some milk and other stuff that I cannot remember off hand. I am away from home and don't have the actual recipe with me.

                                                        1. Summer Salad...Delicious! May sound like a strange combination, but it is wonderful. It calls for green grapes and green pepper but I use red grapes and red pepper. And I put in amounts according to what I like best.

                                                          canned tuna
                                                          chopped onion, red or green pepper, celery
                                                          mix all of the above then carefully stir in:
                                                          green or red grapes
                                                          chopped hard boiled eggs

                                                          you can eat alone, or serve over those hard Chinese noodles

                                                          1. I make chicken tonnato. Usually made with veal scallops. I poach a chicken breast (plenty for 2) thinly sliced and napped with the tonnato sauce and sprinkled with capers.It is a lovely cool dish for a hot summer night.

                                                            1. Deli style tuna salad in the costco mini romaine lettuce leaves makes a great "wrap." Or fancy oil-packed makes a nicoise salad, minus the potatoes.

                                                              1. My ultra low cal soup. I get a box of organic beef broth or chicken broth, add a can of salmon or tuna...put a rinsed and dry sauteed package of miracle noodle..add some sliced tomatoes, mushroom, cucumber and pepper. Very filling.