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Oct 16, 2013 09:08 AM

Chinatown-L.A. Best Spots for Dim Sum & Bars:

I wanted to open up a new discussion since its been near 10 years since I explored the L.A. Chinatown downtown.

Would love some suggestions for tasty Dim Sum as well as some fun bars to stop in for a drink?

Thank you in advance

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  1. I still like Ocean Seafood on weekends. Not Sea Harbour but their busy and the dim sum on it's carts are served hot and fresh.

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    1. If you wanted to do both at one time, I suppose you could go to Chynna.

      Pretty space, too.

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      1. re: ipsedixit

        Love the space at Chynna but sadly - they have really cut back on the dim sum they offer. Uses to be pages upon pages, but now? Just one or two pages, I believe. And no scallion pancake (sigh).

        1. re: happybaker

          Most dim sum palaces don't offer scallion pancakes or a wide variety of non-Cantonese dishes.
          And fwiw, Peking tavern is neither in Chinatown nor does it offer dim sum... From the link below, I see they offer zhajiangmian three kinds of jiaozi, and a few other northern snacks.

          1. re: Jerome

            Jerome -

            My bad on the location - I did not check the map correctly.

            But, they do have dumplings and drinks, which while not exactly what the OP wanted, are close enough in spirit I felt it was worth a post.

            1. re: happybaker

              Agree. (Unless op wanted har gow, etc. ;). )

      2. Are you considering a bar after breakfast?
        I don't know that you will find too much dim sum in the evening.

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        1. re: cls

          I understand Dim Sum is considered a breakfast by Asian customs. Our visit will be as a lunch and to enjoy a couple daytime drinks and take it from there, will be a nice time.

          1. re: Hypnotic23

            Think of Cantonese yum cha, which is what most Americans mean by dim sum, more as brunch. Usually served till about 2:30.

            1. re: Jerome

              Yum Cha Cafe, on the east side of Broadway the southern edge of chinatown just north of a big apt. bldg. looks almost closed from the outside. Decent, very inexpensive, takeout items. Best are the baked bbq pork bao and the crispy fried shrimp balls.

        2. I haven't been, but maybe Peking Tavern might hit the spot?

          Drinks and dim sum snacks...

          1. Tough to put the two together. The now-shuttered Empress Pavilion did a respectable dim sum but now all the places are on the low-end as far as I know.

            I have a weakness for the dim sum at Won Kok but only after 2am. It's not objectively good but I love the scene after the bars close. Just shu mai, har gow and tea please.

            As far as bars go - Hop Louie is fun if you can get over the surly bartender. Has a good jukebox. Do not eat there under any circumstances.

            Plum Tree Inn has a pleasant and affordable bar. I looked on their menu and there is no dim sum.

            Grand Star can be fun depending on the night. Usually a hip-hop scene and I guess Starry Kitchen is doing or just did a pop-up there. If you don't want to dance it probably won't be much fun.

            And if you're there on a Saturday around 7pm you can always cadge free drinks at the galleries on Chung King Rd. Usually the best way to kick off a Chinatown night.