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Oct 16, 2013 09:04 AM

Cape Coral area - updated (2013) chow-worthy recommendations?

Hi all - I have about 2wks in the Cape Coral area and after spending some time on this board I'm not finding a lot that seems truly chow-worthy -- great food, cheap, who cares about atmosphere. I tried El Azteca Taqueria for lunch today but it was closed (got there at 11:15, says it opens at 11 but that's life) so ended up at Rincon Cubano for a fine pork steak sandwich that was nothing to write home about (the tomato was almost white, it's not clear it ever saw the sun). Are there true gems in the area or is it all chains and just-OK spots? Thanks!!

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    1. re: Bumstead

      Total score there!!!! We hit that for lunch, the fried pork tacos were my favorite (same for my kids, who know nothing about tacos and were totally skeptical when we rolled in for lunch to a parking lot next to a 7-11 and I told them we were eating on the ground somewhere); the salsas were nice and hot. A completely great find; I never would have seen it on my own. Thank you!!! Fatman

    2. For Peruvian try Aji Limon on Pine Island Road across from Mel's Diner. Ceviche is excellent. Try the avocado stuffed with shrimp salad starter.