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Oct 16, 2013 08:44 AM

Taste of Atlanta recommendations?

I'll be in Atlanta for the first time and have a ticket for Taste of Atlanta.

Are there any recommendations for which restaurants to try? (I'm not a seafood person). Thanks!

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  1. JCT Kitchen (above all, go here!)
    Fox Bro's BBQ
    No. 246
    Seven Lamps

    1. Are you referring to going to restaurants outside the Taste, or what to try in the Taste?
      I personally find the TOA to be crowded,boring,expensive and nothing but sliders and tacos.
      Check out some previous threads for interesting places to eat while you are here. We have a great food culture , I just don't think the TOA is the way to experience Atlanta food...

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      1. re: HairIcon

        I'd second this thought. I've never been to TOA, but I've been to a similar event in Decatur, and it was less than satisfying. What was presented at the event did little justice to the actual restaurant experience.

      2. Thanks for your opinions and suggestions. I already have the ticket so I plan on having lunch at Taste of Atlanta.

        I'm also trying Antico Pizza Napoletana and Mary Mac's and then will work out other places to fit in around my conference schedule.

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        1. re: Hungaree

          youll love Antico--but it gets way crowded on weekends and parking is a bear so get ther early for dinner--also its bench seating so you have to fight for your seat.Priccis has very good pizza as well--and theres a place next to Fox theater thats very good--ill re post
          Ok its Baraonda--very good pizza and also excellent Italian