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Oct 16, 2013 08:38 AM

Strega...Berkeley Heights anyone been

Hearing good things about this strip mall BYO thinking of giving it a try

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  1. I am also hearing good things but would love a mouth-witness account.

    1. Been there once and was very satisfied, recommended to friends and they have been there three times and rave about it.....

      1. Will be going back to Strega There is a lot going right there. The room is a little awkward in layout, but tastefully done up in dark wood...nice light, high ceilings...not a typical storefront BYO. The calimari and sausage appetizer...was bathed in a cloying balsamic reduction that if not for the spice of the sausage would have been overwhelming. But it was different than 500 other NJ servings of calamari. The pork chop saltimboca was good...but again slightly over reliant upon a mushroom sauce that, while good and eye opening at the first bite, proved to be over generous in allocation. Same thing with the halibut...good but too much sauce. I will definitely go back, you can tell there is some talent in the kitchen, but the "let the freshness speak for itself" creed doesn't hurt. I was told it was Northern Italian with French that a good thing?