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Oct 16, 2013 07:21 AM

Private party room in Manhatten for ~20 people

Any suggestions for a restaurant that has a private room for about 20 people in the city - not too expensive?

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  1. Not sure how you define "reasonable". In Manhattan,all of the Prime chain of restaurants, also Mike's Bistro, Colbeh have nice party rooms, and several other places will set up a long table - e.g. Chagall in Park Slope.

    1. Le Marais does private gatherings as well, but what's your price point?

      1. So we r trying to figure out price range, basically prime chains is ideal but too expensive, and i will look into mikes bistro, maybe going to brooklyn or teaneck might be a better option, thanks

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          If you are open to Brooklyn, Wolf and Lamb has a party room and can be somewhat less expensive than the Prime chain.

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            Teaneck has different price points from Dougie's to NOBO. I was at a simcha where the menu was burgers and a couple of wraps, blooming onion and Caesar salad family style to start. It was fine. They brought their own wine. NOBO also does a beautiful job, very different price point. My son was at a simcha in Mocha Bleu , although he was not impressed.