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Oct 16, 2013 07:04 AM

So what seasonal food items are you cooking?

Last night, I roasted a chicken(brined organic chicken from Trader Joe's) on a bed of sweet potatoes, butternut squash, onion and carrots. Cooked it on a 12 inch Lodge skillet at 425 for abuot 80 minutes...even my 5 yd old who gags at sight of vegetable ate a plateful of roasted vegetable cooked in chicken fat.
This weekend, I am planning on making roasted pork chops with apple sage sauce with apples I picked last weekend.

What are you cooking that's seasonal?

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  1. Game is starting to become available in the supermarkets and farmers markets - so venison, pheasant & mallard are going to be high on the protein list. Local apples and pears are also getting into full swing.

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    1. re: Harters

      game meat in the supermarkets? where do you live?

      I'd love to cook some pheasant.

      1. re: Monica

        Harters inhabits our erstwhile Mother Country, where people are still allowed to sell game in ordinary markets, the sort of thing that New York and other Eastern Seaboard towns used to be famous for. Thanks to the eternal vigilance of our official protectors, we Americans may now buy farmed "wild" meats from the likes of D'Artagnan for $$$$$ per pound. And if I want a good mature Guinea fowl for braising I'll have to raise my own, since nobody sells any dressed ones over two pounds. Dammit.

        1. re: Will Owen

          I'd be in the same position with the guinea fowl, Will. They're all farmed here and easily available in the supermarket but they are small beasts. We just treat them as a change from chicken for a roast or similar.

          By the by, my Spanish brother in law has just been home for a couple of days. It's hunting season there and many folk were out shooting small birds, like thrushes. I think they cook them as a sort of stew.

      2. Apple sauce from my tree apples in the yard.

        Mushrooms galore! I just cooked and packaged up 10 lbs of chanterelles and I am going mushrooming today to get more chanterelles, lobster mushrooms, and chicken of the woods.

        From the stores, I am really enjoying squash. I am looking at recipes that incorporate squash in other dishes.

        Sweet potato of all kinds, especially the Okinawan sweet potato from my Asian store.

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        1. re: sedimental

          You know, when I retire, mushrooming is definitely on my list of things to do.

          1. re: sedimental

            I am dying of envy over your excess of such amazing mushrooms.....!

            1. re: Ttrockwood

              I skipped out of work today and traipsed through the woods for more. Gluttonous!
              The haul today was chanterelles, coral mushrooms, angel wings and lobster mushrooms. Yum.

              Anyone with great mushroom ideas and recipes?

              1. re: sedimental

                I'm jealous! Do you ship? :) I think sauteed mushrooms with a ricotta or veggie spread would be lovely but I love steak and mushrooms. Could you make a mushroom pâté?

                1. re: fldhkybnva

                  Mushrooms with a ricotta spread?? Please tell me more!

                  1. re: thedryer

                    I usually just mix to taste. You can use any mix of mushrooms that you enjoy but the more flavorful like morels, porcini and shiitake are fantastic. I chop them and saute with a smidge of butter, garlic, shallots or whatever else you like, often deglaze with a splash of wine. Let cool then mix with ricotta with herbs of your choice - I love a combination of sherry and thyme. It's a great spread for bread but I don't eat much bread so it usually ends up spread on chicken breast or stuffed inside.

                2. re: sedimental

                  wow..just wow....I can smell the mushrooms from here...

                  1. re: sedimental

                    I'm not sure where you live -if i was i would be on my way over!!
                    I love mushrooms with eggs-the best meal i ever had was a tangle of sauteed wild mushrooms in a good olive oil, served with an over easy egg (drippy yolk) and thick toast to soak up the mushroom olive oil juice and yolk... In a no name place in spain

                    Hen of the woods are especially delicious roasted with just good olive oil and salt

                    And this dish with lentils from mark bittman i make a few times each winter

              2. Similar list, different combinations. I made an oven beef stew last Saturday - beef with farmers market potatoes/onions/tomato. I have a thick-cut Iowa Chop (pork) thawing that I'll roast along-side a large acorn squash. I have plenty of apples I picked a couple of weeks ago, and plans to make an apple pastry dessert.

                The orchard pears (pre-picked) I got at the same time as the apples have been very slow to ripen, but at last I have a couple ready, so I need to decide whether they go in an upsidedown gingerbread cake, or simply get topped with cottage cheese as "salad".

                And I'll harvest some fresh basil before I give away the planter next week (frost coming, no place indoors for the planter), and use it in pasta w/ fresh tomatoes or lemon sauce.

                1. Here's a current somewhat related topic in case anyone wanted to comment here as well


                  1. I did a few soups this weekend.
                    One was the last of the good tomatoes turned into a tomato/fennel/lentil stew i served with thick toasted pumpernickle.

                    The other was roasted beets and carrots that i blitzed and thinned as the broth. Chopped carrots, white beans and horseradish finished my fuschia soup