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Oct 16, 2013 06:56 AM

I have a boneless top round roast 1.91lbs.

I'm not sure how to cook it. Should I braise or roast? I bought it with the idea I would pot roast it with vegys but I've read a few recipes that say roast it and serve it rare. I was really hoping to braise slowly with vegetables. Which is the right way?

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  1. Go for the pot roast with veggies. I found this terminology thread on braise vs roast helpful.

    1. Just my 2 cents, but I would do a top round roasted to medium rare. It's just a cut that is made for that. Serve with some au jus and some horseradish on the side. Ummm.

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        Agree - not enough fat in a top round (IMO) to help break down the meat while braising.

      2. Roast it, with some day-before prep. Look no further than this:

        1. I would definitely roast it... braise a lean cut of meat? Braising is good for fatty or collagen filled cuts -- not lean cuts like a top round.

          1. Haven't tried, but it sounds ideal for Sous Vide. If not available, I would roast in the lowest possible oven, maybe 200-225. Probably closer to medium than medium rare. Barding is the old fashioned way of adding fat, impossible for most of us. But I would lard by covering with bacon. Good luck!