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Oct 15, 2013 11:25 PM

Paris at Christmas?

We'll be 10 days in Paris over Christmas with two kids in tow (ages 9 & 6). Has anyone already put together a thorough list of great restaurants/bistros to try with kids? They're really good travelers and just did Can Roca in Girona with us quite well, and we've taken them everywhere, so we're open to any and all suggestions.

Also, how critical are reservations at that time of year? We won't actually be eating in Paris on Xmas day, so we're not worried about booking any special holiday meals.

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  1. There are threads here and elsewhere on eating with kids and ones on eating Christmas/New Years/holidays but none that I recall cross-indexing the two.
    I guess the best approach would be to search for and look at those with children or kids in the title, and then call the ones that appeal to see if they'll be open.
    However, I think it's far too early; some places don't decide until December (excepting the brasseries and big hotel restos).

    1. Lots of places will close, and whilst locals head out of town, many tourists head in. So demand for the good tables that are open will be high - so reserve. Reservations are the norm in Paris, at Christmas they are even more recommended.

      The French welcome well behaved kids to all restaurants so just choose the ones you like and they will be fine - but few have kids menus so they need to appreciate real food.

      1. Paris by mouth gives a list of open/closed.