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Oct 15, 2013 11:03 PM

Most picturesque winery close to DC?

I would like to take my wife to a VA winery within close proximity to DC to celebrate the recent birth of our child. Scenery is much more important to us than quality of the wine. I read great reviews for Hillsborough, Tarara, Bluemont, and Naked Mountain wineries. Any recommendations among those wineries? Any other that folks think is a must see? We would like to have a picnic lunch and just relax for a few hours. Thank you!

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  1. Naked Mountain for the million dollar view from the tasting room.

    1. Willowcroft Farm, just off Route 15 between Leesburg and Aldie, is on the top of Mt. Gilead and the views are spectacular. The wines are pretty good, we have enjoyed the rieslings in the past.

      1. Not sure what your definition of "close proximity" is, but Glen Manor in Front Royal is about 90 minutes out, and not only has great scenery (the vines are on the slopes of the mountains), but spectacular wines.

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          Thank you very much, Daniel, Bob, and Virginian for these suggestions. Very helpful.

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            +1 for Glen Manor- good wines, plus the tasting room wasn't packed (which I realize was not good for the winery) when we went, so we really got to chat with the person pouring.

            Also enjoyed Naked Mountain that same day; beautiful view and they have live music on Saturdays (but check to make sure, if interested). We brought some picnic fixins with us & sat outside with a bottle of wine and enjoyed the music, even after it started raining (big umbrellas over the tables)! Have fun.

          2. Delaplane Cellars in Delaplane, VA has great views and nice wine (better than Naked Mountain IMO). Fox Meadow also has great mountain views. All 3 are in the same area.

            1. Linden is gorgeous and the wines are good. Hillsborough is pretty but I don't like their wines.