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Japanese carrot ginger salad dressing

I don't even know if the dressing has a legit Japanese name.

Anyway, looking for bottled version of it. Any help is appreciated :-)

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  1. or a recipe (i'm interested too)

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      I found many recipes online. I just want a lazyman's bottled version :-)

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        The original post made me think of this article which was reprinted in the Vancouver Sun this summer. It's not the "lazyman bottled dressing" asked for but the recipe sounds good:


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          This recipe is good: http://www.nytimes.com/2006/10/25/din....

          I sometimes add a little onion to it, too.

        2. Would this work? It's not exactly the same but maybe it can be a base you can jazz up.

          Mizkan line of Japanese Salad dressings.


          They sell for $4.29 at T&T.

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            Might work, wouldn't hurt to try, eh ? Thanks MC :-)

            (somehow I never go down the Japanese aisle at T&T. I guess I just assume it's all snacks and junk foods)

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              It's in the Condiment/Vinegar Aisle at the T&T near Chinatown.

              H-mart might sell it or something similar as well.

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                Didn't occur to me to check H-Mart too. I guess I could go over to Fujiya as well.

          2. That stuff is great. Report back on what you find!

            1. Went to Fujiya (Clark/Venables) yesterday and found this:


              10 bucks for the small-ish bottle. I was reluctant so I didn't snag it. It's in the produce cold case, not on the shelves/aisles where other condiments are kept.

              Anyone wanna TOFTT ? LOL !

              1. I literally stumbled on this by Briannas this morning while at my local green grocer:


                $5 for the 12 oz. bottle. I brought one home, will try tonight.

                I almost never ever buy bottled dressings so I never pay attention to the whos and the whats. This one seems to emphasize ginger and orange which is totally fine by me, and sesame oil is only mentioned halfway down in the ingredients list. Saved me from spending $10 for that Wafu one, but which I'm sure is good too.

                1. hi LR - have you looked at TJ's?

                  i bought some other style dressing - TJ brand - in tall skinny dressing jar there the other month - i wasn't looking for Asian flavours - so did not notice other availability.

                  also - i have bought some of these in BC in the past - http://www.simplyorganic.com/products...

                  i am also a fan of some of these for convenience - i get them at Super Valu or Marketplace IGA where once or twice a year they are on a good sale price - i can't find their corporate website on google - so here is a start (Simply Natural Sesame Ginger
                  )(I use it on cold chicken (think convenient rotiss or poach your own) with good cooked and chilled skinny noodles, and steamed chilled veg and cashew salad for picnic or lunch or ....

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                    No not yet, GS. We're doing down on Sunday and will check out. Can I pick up anything for you (w/o pirating/irating it) ? You can contact me by clicking on my tag name and see my email addy there.

                    For this mission I've been honing in on dressings with little or no sesame flavor. Wife is not big on sesame flavor in salad dressings, whereas I LOVE it. But the ones in the Japanese restaurants typically don't exhibit any sesame oil taste, but more a sweet soy, gingery & vinegry (with a touch of orange sometimes) tone. So anyway as mentioned in my post above, I did find the Brianna's variety. It's not too bad, a wee bit saltier and not as "mandarin orangey" as I'd like, but not too shabby.

                  2. T&T carries that brand. So does Yaohan in Richmond. Alternatively, have you tried Osaka in Park Royal. I would think they would carry it too.