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Oct 15, 2013 07:16 PM

Pre-made tourtiere for cooking at home

We will be in Montreal for a couple of days with a kitchen at our disposal. (In the 20 or so times I've been to Montreal, this is a first.) Unfortunately, we'll also have a 2-year old, so dinners out will be a rarity.

It will be cold, and the only thing I can think of when it's cold in Montreal is tourtiere. Can anyone recommend a place that sells pre-made or heat-and-eat tourtiere? The best I've had was at APDC Cabane au Sucre, so anything that comes (or surpasses that) would be fantastic.

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  1. Also try the frozen tourtières from Les Fougères, available at Marché des saveurs in the Jean-Talon Market:

    Marché des Saveurs du Québec
    (Marché Jean-Talon)
    280, Place du Marché du Nord
    Montreal, QC, H2S 1A1
    (514) 271-3811

    and other places: peruse the site

    1. I like the duck one (Cerf et Canrad) at the saussicier at the Atwater Market. William J Walter. I also enjoy the one Viandal sells in Verdun. Neither has fois gras in it, but duck fat makes everything better.

      1. I think some of the butchers at Atwater |Market has frozen tourtieres.

        1. Thank you all! We will be at all three places I'm sure - Atwater and Jean-Talon for the markets, and Verdun (where I've never been before) for the supposedly excellent playground next to the circus school.

          1. Maison du Roti, 1969 Mt Royal E
            TA, 4520 Parc & 5525 Monkland
            Pied du Cochon, 536 Duluth E
            Binerie Mont-Royal, 367 Mt Royal E
            de Froment et de Sève, 2355 Beaubien E

            All the chain bakeries make them as well, although you should be aware that tourtiere is a seasonal item with a greater and wider availability as it gets closer to Christmas.