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Pre-made tourtiere for cooking at home

We will be in Montreal for a couple of days with a kitchen at our disposal. (In the 20 or so times I've been to Montreal, this is a first.) Unfortunately, we'll also have a 2-year old, so dinners out will be a rarity.

It will be cold, and the only thing I can think of when it's cold in Montreal is tourtiere. Can anyone recommend a place that sells pre-made or heat-and-eat tourtiere? The best I've had was at APDC Cabane au Sucre, so anything that comes (or surpasses that) would be fantastic.

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  1. Also try the frozen tourtières from Les Fougères, available at Marché des saveurs in the Jean-Talon Market:

    Marché des Saveurs du Québec
    (Marché Jean-Talon)
    280, Place du Marché du Nord
    Montreal, QC, H2S 1A1
    (514) 271-3811

    and other places: peruse the site fougeres.com

    1. I like the duck one (Cerf et Canrad) at the saussicier at the Atwater Market. William J Walter. I also enjoy the one Viandal sells in Verdun. Neither has fois gras in it, but duck fat makes everything better.

      1. I think some of the butchers at Atwater |Market has frozen tourtieres.

        1. Thank you all! We will be at all three places I'm sure - Atwater and Jean-Talon for the markets, and Verdun (where I've never been before) for the supposedly excellent playground next to the circus school.

          1. Maison du Roti, 1969 Mt Royal E
            TA, 4520 Parc & 5525 Monkland
            Pied du Cochon, 536 Duluth E
            Binerie Mont-Royal, 367 Mt Royal E
            de Froment et de Sève, 2355 Beaubien E

            All the chain bakeries make them as well, although you should be aware that tourtiere is a seasonal item with a greater and wider availability as it gets closer to Christmas.

            1. Oh, but really you are lucky to have a two year old with you at any time. You can wander past APDC on Duluth and get something to go. Other ideas for good takeout are Romados or Ma Poule Mouillée for chicken, La Chilenita for empanadas, and most of the good bakeries have a lot of pies. My kids swear by the paté viande at Co'pain d'Abord and have it for lunch regularly. They have larger ones for meals as well. There's also a big variety of quiche and things at most of the bakeries. And two year olds are welcome at many restaurants if everyone is up for it. There are also the amazing pies from the Australian place, TA Pies.

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                TA Pies keeps coming up, and, well, Hugh Jackman did say that they were the best in the world. I mean, c'mon!

                Wolverine's recommendation aside, thanks for the tips and, frankly, reassurance. If one Googles "kid" and "restaurant" for Montreal you just end up with diatribe after diatribe about Garde-Manger. Glad to hear it's not all "just go to St-Hubert" for the kid set.

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                  Some kids really want to go to Garde-Manger so that does cause headaches. My kids started to go to APDC when they were quite young, although we always went very early. The St-Hubert near us on St-Denis has been very uneven and disappointing the last few times we went and there are so many other options. It won't be super cold here next week and the leaves are just turning beautiful colours in the city so picnics might even be an option too.

              2. Les sucreries de l'érable in JTM sells tourtière and other "pâté de viande". They're good, but pretty expensive for what you get.

                APDC used to sell their tourtières (the regular ones) to go at their restaurant, but I don't know if they still do that.

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                  Since we're venturing out of the island for meat pies, the wild boar, emu and venison with wild mushroom pie at vergers Denis Charbonneau in the Monteregie is outstanding; sold uncooked frozen. Its filling is dark and spicy, a superb pairing with a Belgian dark ale like a Rochefort or Duchesse de Bourgogne.

                  They also do a fowl version with wild turkey and chicken, with a white filling with diced carrots and peas. Pretty good too but the dark meat pie was really outstanding.


                  The few tourtieres I've had were a bit of a letdown, though I haven't had the PdC's. It's a bit like the tarte au sucre, another item which doesn't have enough substance to support its strong traditional pedigrees.

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                    Yum! And if they still have apple picking next week, a perfect day-out for a 2-year old!

                2. Good tourtieres at PorcMeilleur in JTM.



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                    I'll second Porc Meilleur at JTM as a good Tourtiere. But if you want to travel for a great tourtiere try Auberge Handfield they rule.

                  2. I thought I'd bump this thread for the holiday season. Any great recommendations for tourtières, whether traditional, alternative meats and poultry, or vegetarian?

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                      Cabane a sucre Au Pied de Cochon sells frozen tourtieres for pick up or delivery now.

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                        Looking at their website, they also sell them $22 at the restaurant on Duluth. I imagine that they are a generous size, knowing APDC...

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                          I wouldn't count on it. The slices they were selling out of their food truck were pretty small.

                      2. I noticed that you can order a Tourtiere from Mamie Clafoutis on Van Horne and propably their other location nun's island and st-denis street. But you have to pre-order.