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Ok after that earlier post I couldn't resist.


But I do have problems with the supposed findings. They say bacon, then they say "processed meat", then included hamburgers and ham. So any meat is bad for the boys I guess?

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  1. I'm done having kids...bring it on!!!

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    1. re: Philly Ray

      That and a recent post indicated it will make me live longer.

    2. Pffft..I'm 53, who cares..you don't win friends with salad..

      1. Birth control by bacon....."Hammed Parenthood"?

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        1. Can bacon condoms be far behind?

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          1. I had 3 pounds over the weekend. How long will the effect remain?

            1. Myth. You gotta pay to play.

              1. "while eating a portion of white fish such as cod or halibut every other day can improve it". I suspect that the guys who eat fish every other day may lead generally healthier lifestyles.

                1. WABC, NY news at 11 tease tonight: 'Bacon for breakfast? Not if you want to be a parent."

                  1. yes...the mass consumption of bacon has, in fact, resulted in the slowly dwindling population numbers of our planet...wait, no, that's in fact not so much the case?

                    1. But another news item just told us that bacon is the secret to long life (at least if you are a roundworm).

                      1. I can verify from personal experience that this is NOT a reliable method of birth control.

                          1. As one half of a couple that doesn't want children, I think this sounds like a much more agreeable form of birth control!