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Oct 15, 2013 02:29 PM

Trader Joe Vs Fairway Olive oil

Which is better. I honestly can't tell. Both are packed in Italy but source their olive oil from outside Italy. Trader Joe's charges $6.49 and Fairway charges $9.99. Is the Fairway product worth the premium? Also can't figure out why anyone should care where the oil is packed into the bottle.

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  1. TJ's President's Reserve is a really great value, but the standard Fairway olive oil is significantly better, in my opinion. Not clear from your post if you've had both, but if not, buy each one and do a blind taste test, see if you have a preference.

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    1. re: JeffOverley

      I agree re Fairway (and I am often a big fan of TJ products).

      Also, Fairway EVOO is on sale at least this week--says "Shock Price," so I don't know if this is a repricing or a special--for $5.99 for a liter. I probably should have grabbed more than one bottle of the unfiltered.

      1. re: Elisa515

        perhaps....but can you tell when its used for cooking?
        I do use Farway's Andalucia blend when pouring on salad or using as a cold drizzle

        1. re: trumpster

          I mean, it just depends - if you're sauteeing a bunch of chicken and veggies, all those flavors will almost certainly drown out the differences. If you're gently cooking a piece of fish or tossing some pasta, probably a different story.

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      1. As much as I've grown to love TJ, Fairway's oils are better. Unfortunately, you can no longer sample them, at least not at either of the stores I frequent.

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        1. re: MacGuffin

          The newer fairway on 2nd ave at 30th st has at least a dozen different olive oils with mini slices of bread for tasting. You may have to elbow the grazers out of the way....just don't expect to talk to anyone who is knowledgable on staff there.

          1. re: Ttrockwood

            The Chelsea store sporadically has oils for tasting, the UWS store none at all anymore. Those are the only two stores that are convenient to me. I suppose putting out oil and baguette slices in all the stores might cut into their "new openings" budget.

          2. re: MacGuffin

            I shop at the Upper Eastside one and they always have bowls of olive oil along with a basket of bread to sample them. In fact, I was just hogging up the Piccantolio the other day (That one was really good btw). Doesn't help with the elevator being right next to it so I have a tendency to sample all of the oil while I wait.

            Its no surprise that they have better olive oil though as they are also the biggest sponsors in the New York International Olive Oil competition and also sell the winners.