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Oct 15, 2013 12:58 PM

Moti Mehal = now Flavours of India

I know that some of you liked Moti Mehal like I did and were very curious about its renaissance as Flavours of India - I went to the rebranded resto last weekend. From the outside it looked ominous because there are big signs in the window advertising the curries, which can seemingly cheapen a place, but once when you look at the menu you'll breathe easy - most of the items are back with a few subtractions and a few additions. In terms of d├ęcor the interior has had a slight colour change too and the tables/chairs have been replaced (I think the floor is new too), but it feels more or less the same.

The Pakistani influence on the menu has been replaced with South Indian cuisine (i.e. the appetizers include Idlis now) but the food I had (Channa Samosa and Butter Chicken Thali) was on the whole quite tasty, I was pleased! Most dishes are even slightly cheaper than the days of Moti Mehal. Plus they deliver on orders over $30. I'll be going back!

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  1. Thank you so much for this report. I'm SO happy to hear they still have channa samosas, that's the dish I was most worried about - they make the best one I've had anywhere.

    Do you happen to recall if they still have the balti chicken? If not, at least that I can still get a good one at Shahi Palace, but it's a schelp out to the West Island. Thanks!

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      Moti Mehal, in my opinion, used to have the best channa samosas - they're different now though, presentation and taste wise they're exactly like India Beau Village. Pretty good.

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        If Pakistani influence is gone, I'm guessing balti chicken is gone. What caused the name change, changed menu? New owner or new head chef?

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          Balti chicken is still there, but dishes like Haleem and Nihari are gone. My guess is that it's a new owner and new chef.

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            I was there last Friday and it is a new owner and new chef. I had dishes that were also on the previous menu and found that they were much tastier than before.

      2. *Finally* tried Flavours of India - aka what I'll probably call "The New Moti Mehal" forever.

        Lots of new things on the menu, including some items listed under appetizers that a few of us were very excited about:

        - Chicken 65 - a delicious concoction of fried chicken pieces in a spicy chile-studded red sauce
        - Chana bhatura - one of my favourite dishes: rich, saucy chickpeas with two pieces of fluffy bhatura bread. This version comes with a cucumber raita and lime pickles on the side. A steal at $6.

        We also tried two of our Moti Mehal faves:
        - Chana samosa. It was still excellent, though deemed a notch less ethereal than the MM variation, according to the table's expert, who said: "I'll still always order it, but I'll share it now instead of hoarding an entire portion for myself."
        - Balti chicken. Although it was still tasty, the major changes in the dish were the only disappointment of the evening for me: it's now drenched in a tomatoey sauce, instead of being more of a dry balti. I much prefer the MM version - so now I still have a reason to occasionally drive out to Shahi Palace, since its version is very similar.

        We also had a fish curry, with chunks of boneless white fish, and very good naan on the side.

        The meal was a steal at $27 per couple, including tax.

        I shall be back!

        1. New website:

          Their free delivery zone is within 6 km, Sunday-Thursday.

          Open 7 days, 11-22:30.

          They have thalis for both lunch and supper, slightly more expensive ($6-7) in the evening.

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            Free delivery could be interesting, and I live 2.3km from there.