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Oct 15, 2013 12:58 PM

Middletown restaurant

Am looking for a good restaurant for a Friday evening dinner in Middletown. No Italian. And nothing high end. Thanks for all replies.

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  1. Do you enjoy Thai food? Matata Asian is on the northbound side of Hwy 35 in Middletown. I've gone four times so far and have tried something diff each time.

    I'd recommend their Bento box, the sushi specials, the shrimp appetizer, actually all of the appetizers. They only carry hot Thai tea (no Thai coffees) but the prices are very good and the dining room is spacious (even when busy with customers).

    1. Can you elaborate a little on what you like?

      Middletown is like tinton falls....quite large but not many restaurants in general and not many great ones (if any IMO.)

      I live in middletown and generally eat in surrounding areas but I can help pick some things out if you let me know what you like to eat.

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      1. re: corvette johnny

        That being the case, have you tried Matata Asian and if so what did you think of it. And which restaurants in the area would you recommend? I live several towns over but mon cty for the last 28 years and I haven't experienced a large swatch of area restaurants by any means. The ones I enjoy though I'm loyal to.


        1. re: HillJ

          No matata is on my radar too.

          Well I am kind of picky I guess. I am more about food and specific dishes than atmosphere. I will go to a place over and over and get the same dish. I could write a book on this but some food that I commonly eat surrounding middletown:

          cheeseburger and fried zucchini= barnacle bills

          pizza = ciao bella but they have moved and shut down. Rockefellers in long branch for cheese steak pizza and margarita. Brothers in Red bank for thin crust.

          ny strip, chips and salsa, crab cake, tuna carpaccio= copper canyon.

          bacon wrapped and horse radish stuffed shrimp, mac n cheese= salt creek (most entrees are just mediocre i find but the place is nice and comfortable)

          sushi/sashimi = Kyoto (decent hibachi too)

          thai = siam garden but for about 25% less Kunya siam is closer to me and I go there more. Basil duck and chicken tamarind are my "go to" dishes there. I went the other day and they took off the whole fried snapper from the menu which is delicious (my wife gets that. I hope that comes back.

          Buffalo wings = off the hook (well done and crispy) or Basil Ts

          Oven cooked wings = Tommys in red bank

          Chinese = don't do much of that but I like ming ying in long branch for a cheap lunch. Hunan house in middletown (although I haven't been in a while.) Jing chuan is new in hazlet and after going there once, this is a decent place. I used to go to the Coconut (former place) quite a bit.

          hotdogs and cheese fries= wind mill (dirty water dogs I go to Gus's or Dans in Atlantic highlands)

          cheesesteaks = new corner but I take them home, add more cheese and crisp it up in the oven (decent but not philly obviously)

          rib eye = la cippolina in freehold

          Skirt steak = havana but I think they are still closed from hurricane

          chorizo, mariscada, garlic shrimp = costa verde

          rodizio (closer than going to newark) = Rodeio grill

          Fine dining = nicholas

          pork chop = Harborside in atlantic highlands

          BBQ = local smoke in neptune

          Cook your own food = Captain Eds (pretty fun spot if you have never been)

          And lately I have some newer spots that I have been trying and ones you might like:

          (Adas in long branch for Pernil and I want to try Ethiopian there but they have that only on Friday sat and thur night)

          Kimchi in lincroft (stone bowls and the beef/tofu soup)

          Pho Le (super bowl, egg/summer rolls, pho, soups ,etc)

          Christines in atlantic highlands (prime NY strip, veal christine, sausage eggroll)

          Seared tuna at On the Deck (15.00 and pretty decent)

          mexican take out = linos in red bank (Mixed BBQ grill)

            1. re: jrvedivici

              It is in point pleasant. It is a BYOB place that also sells wine from Cream Ridge winery (you have to pay for wine on separate tab but I normally bring some booze)

              Their claim to fame is that you cook your own steaks on this blazing hot stone at your table. They serve them with separate cups of drawn butter, garlic, onion, etc. So you can "season" and cook it just how you like.

              When you walk in on a crowded night it smells amazing! it is a fun place and kind of a novelty. As a man of discriminating tastes in steak, I am not sure it would be your style JR. I am not saying they are bad, but this isn't peter lugers. However, you might get a kick out of it for a night. Who knows, you might even like the vibe there. I am not sure its truly hound worthy dining but I enjoy the place and it is something unique. The 26oz porterhouse has been dealt with a few times by yours truly : )

              If closer to me I would go there more and tank quite a few beers but unfortunately we all have to drive sober and a cab is out of the question for me. I find this place conducive to putting a few cocktails down lol

              If you don't want to cook a steak they will cook it for you but I never opted for this.

              1. re: corvette johnny

                Really? I can't believe I've never heard of the place, how long has it been around? Might like to check it out, just something different. Thanks for the info.

                1. re: jrvedivici

                  it's been around a least 5 years that I have known but probably longer.

                  You could pick you kid up a shirt too "I got stoned at captain eds" ....that will probably go over well in school. lol

              2. re: corvette johnny

                I'm going to savor this list and see what my husband thinks, thanks!

                1. re: corvette johnny

                  If Hunan House is the place I think it is, it has been a while since you've been there. It's been gone around ten years. Matata is what's there now.

                  1. re: corvette johnny

                    You can get the calamari buffaloed at Basil's, mighty yum

              3. We went to Toscanella Village Cafe. Food and service were excellent. The fried calamari was exceptionally good. Pizza and pasta dishes were very well executed. Creme brûlée dessert was different from the usual, but was well worth the price. This place is a find.

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                1. re: Catboat

                  Glad you didn't choose Italian, like you stated in your original post!

                  1. re: Herm

                    Rigoletto Trattoria
                    418 Rte 35, Middletown, NJ 07701
                    Phone:(732) 842-2277


                    1. re: Tapas52

                      One of the worst dining experiences I've ever had in monmouth county was at Rigoletto Trattoria. So many guests enjoyed the over the top wait staff and I found it utterly distracting and obnoxious. Pressing too hard for a big tip. My ravioli was over sauced and cold. I don't even want to bore you with the rest of the lackluster meal. Just horrible.

                      So Tapas are you recommending this place?

                2. BYOB Matata Asian ****
                  MJ's go early ***
                  Sono Sushi BYOB *****

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                  1. re: yeepat

                    Matata, MJ's and Bonefish Grill are favorites in Middletown.

                  2. I agree Bonefish Grill. One of my super favorites. It can feel high end but you can watch your wallet too. The service is usually impeccable. The food is always good.