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Oct 15, 2013 12:42 PM

Chicken skin

When I buy chicken thighs I sometimes bone them and remove the skin. The bones go into my stock pot, the skins get baked on a rack for cracklins...chicken bacon...mmmm. The chicken fat goes into roasted potatoes or salad dressing, warm.
I was wondering if anyone uses the chicken skin in their stock preparations. I haven't tried it and was wondering if this will be a welcome addition to my stock pot.

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  1. Oh, sure it would be. There's tons of flavor in those skins. And fat, of course.

    1. Full of thickening collagens. IIRC

      1. I use chicken feet when making stock so definitely plenty of skin.

        1. Sure. It will make the stock more tasty but also fattier. Chill it, remove the solidified fat cap (schmaltz via a different route)
          and save it for frying other things.

          1. Yes, I always include the fat, whether starting from a raw whole chicken or a carcass. Even when I remove the fat cap, I think the resulting stock has more flavor than a low fat version.

            But those baked skins pose a serious conflict of interest problem..

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              I agree. And I don't think the amount of fat is something to be particularly concerned about.