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Oct 15, 2013 12:23 PM

Mid afternoon recomendations for a special day

My husband just suprised me with a five day trip to Manhattan for my birthday..I am thrilled but we arrive this Friday night so the last minute aspect is going to make it difficult to get into some of the splurge restaurants on my wish list.... Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare, EMP, NoMad, La Bernnardin, Pinochine....I'm working on it though and with all the great posts and threads I am following here I'm confident I'll come up with a good itenerary. What I need help with is suggestions for a middle of the day meal on my birthday...some wonderful place to go after we have worn ourselves out at the Frick Museum and eat and drink and rejuvinate before we go to a 7:00 pm Broadway show. This is for Wednesday, 10/23 between 3:00 pm and 6:00pm...I know it's an awkward time...and we don't eat meat so that's another someplace that has good seafood, vegetable options and serves all afternoon. A wine bar with good food? tapas bar? a Museum restaurant that stays open after lunch? hotel lounge? tea/coffee shop with decent food? Almost everywhere I've looked at is closed between 3:00 an 5:00 so I'm hoping you will have some ideas. The Frick is on 70th close to 5th and the theatre is on 45th and 7th but we will have time to travel so don't necessarily have to stay in the upper eastside/midtown landscape.

I'm also looking for late, light dinner options for after the show..we love Thai, Japanese, Indian…because they tend to have seafood /vegetarian options; some thoughts are….Ardesia, Ma Peche, Txikito, Danji, Koi, Toloache, Ippudo.... anything to drop from this list or add? We are staying north of Central Park on Frederick Douglas/Central Park West so would prefer not to go too far downtown or too far east~~~~~ oh I am asking a lot aren't I?
Thanks for any ideas…we live in the Virgin Islands and try to get up to New York every year or two to eat, and go to Museums and the Theatre.

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  1. There is a fairly new restaurant within walking distance called Barawine.
    Nice energetic vibe and fabulous food. We love it.

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    1. re: Motosport

      Thanks Motosport for the info about sounds great and so close to where we stay will defintiely check it out

    2. Eataly serves all day long in most of their restaurants. Plus the seafood, pizza/pasta, and vegetable restaurants would be good for you as a pescatarian. You might be able to do a "nosh around" on a weekday as Eataly is pretty quiet on weekday afternoons.

      Eataly is owned by Mario Batali and Batali restaurants do tend to be open all day and serving the same menu. So if you are able to do further downtown, check out Casa Mono, Lupa, Otto.

      Closer to Midtown is Bar Room at the Modern. It has about a dozen pescatarian options, one of which is the awesome "egg in a jar." I also like the various raw fish preps and have also enjoyed the scallops previously. Great desserts, too. The atmosphere is definitely more on the special side. Don't miss the beignets!

      I believe that Craftbar serves lunch until late (5pm).

      Gramercy Tavern also serves all day in the Tavern Room.

      After the show, dependent upon the running time, you might be cutting it close for some kitchens. A lot depends on what show you're seeing, how long it takes to get out, and how long it takes to get to the restaurant.

      45th and 7th is a bit of a walk to some of your choices like Ardesia, Ma Peche, Txikito. Danji & Toloache are closer. Not sure why you chose Koi -- haven't heard much about it. If you don't eat pork, then not sure Ippudo is the right place for you.

      I'd also be afraid of needing to order immediately after being seated given that it is a Wednesday night. Ma Peche closes at 11pm, Txikito closes at 11pm, Danji does "last call" at 11pm, Toloache closes at 11pm. Just something to keep in mind if you really want to do the walk to these from 45th and 7th.

      I'd also add Esca to your list. And Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill at Columbus Circle is kinda on your way back to the hotel, and it's open late.

      1. Gramercy Tavern would be a good choice for your midday meal as the tavern room is open through dinner. Getting a table on Wednesday between 3-6pm should not be a problem at all either. Considering that you like seafood, John Dory Oyster Bar also serves all day. You can also grab a few drinks at the library at The NoMad (in the same area) before your show at 7pm.

        In terms of post-show dinner closer to your hotel, Ardesia and Casellula are both good wine bars if you want to just have some wine and graze. To be honest your options are a bit limited on a Wednesday night if you must stay in midtown/Columbus Circle area.

        1. BTW, don't forget to check OpenTable during your trip here -- you might find some last minute cancellations on the day of.

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          1. re: kathryn

            Thanks Kathryn and zeeEats for all those great suggestions now I have too many choices...always a good thing.

            I had hoped to go to the Bar Room seemed perfect but they don't seem to serve their full menu after 2:30 and you can't make a reservationon on Open table between 2:30 and 5:00.

            I like the Eataly idea I should have thought of that..and Gramercy and Craft and John Dory all will work ..excellent suggestions as we have not been to any of them.

            Blue Ribbon sushi could also work for the 3 - 6 time slot as they are open and take reservations for afternoon tables and we love Blue Ribbon...didn't know about that location though.

            Koi was recommended by someone who loved it but I don't know them well enough to know what their priorities are so it's off the list. Ippudo does have some interesting sounding vegetarian options on their menu but you're right our options would be very limited.

            Thanks for the detais on closing times and distances for my after theatre does sound unlikley that we would have time. I think we should save Blue Ribbon for that time slot.

            I will check on Open Table who knows maybe we'll get lucky...thanks so much for all your help.

            1. re: balini

              Glad to be able to provide input! Please do report back on your experiences and enjoy your birthday trip!

              1. re: balini

                I would give Bar Room at the Modern a call and ask. I recall having a weirdly timed snack/late lunch there in the past. I just walked in.

                BTW, it's Craftbar, not Craft, which serves a late lunch.

            2. Since you're staying in Harlem, you might want to consider late night (or really any time) at Red Rooster. It's on Lenox and 125th and has a fun vibe and great food.


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              1. re: susan1353

                I also thought of Red Rooster. I've never been, but whenever I walk by it's crowded and the people walking out seem to be in a good mood (and that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you review a restaurant you've never been to).

                Balini, I live in the neighborhood where you are staying, near the northern end of Central Park (the most beautiful part of the park in my completely biased opinion). I was thinking that if you find you're just really done at the end of a busy day and don't want to go too far, you could try some places around here. There's an intriguing looking cocktails/small plates place on FDB near the corner of W 113th St called 67 Orange St. It's easy to miss--the name on the building is really small and there are velvet curtains (they're going for a speakeasy look). Again, I've never been, but I've heard positive things about it--interesting drinks and unusually good bar food. I mostly brought it up because it's open very late. Enjoy your trip--