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Oct 15, 2013 12:14 PM

Greenpoint - help with recs?

Heading to North Greenpoint tomorrow for a few days. Would love help with really good coffee shop recommendations, any lunch/breakfast/dinner recs. Will be heading further South into Brooklyn too and back over to Manhattan (Soho/NoLita) where I used to always stay but this is my first time in Greenpoint and I'd love any pointers as to where to try. THANK YOU!

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    1. Coffee: Troost/Propeller/Champion/Ovenly

      Misc food: Paulie Gee's for pizza, No.7 for inventive sandwiches, Lobster Joint for lobster rolls/good fried seafood, Peter Pan for donuts (even if you think you don't like donuts). The Bounty is great for cocktails and a grown-up dinner. As you'll notice, the area still has a strong Polish presence and Karczma would be my recommendation for a Polish dinner.

      Two new-ish places to consider might be the Glasserie and Bread for the Eater (the latter may be BYOB).

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        What gort said. Plus Five Leaves, which is always bonkers but very good.

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          Five Leaves might be a good breakfast option. It's still quite busy on weekday mornings, but you can usually squeeze in without too much of a wait.

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            Tacking on...

            -Xi'an Famous Foods has a branch in North Greenpoint

            -Polish butcher shops. Steve's, Sikorski, and Kiszka for various kielbasa, hunter sausages, and Polish cheese, and Polski Meat Market (across from Peter Pan) for an interesting raw sausage, black smoked kielbasa, and Polish beef tartare.

            -Brouwerij Lane is great for beer tastings (they serve in small sizes). They open at noon. You can visit the above shops and take your haul back and snack while you sip. Or you can pre-game here before Paulie Gee's.

            -Northside Bakery. It's on N.8th in Williamsburg. It is an amazing bakery with everything done on site- both breads and pastries. They also do a very good lunch and late afternoon steam table service of Polish foods like pierogies, rolled cabbage, cheese blintzes, etc. You could snag food from there and take it to East River Park up the street and snag a picnic table overlooking the Manhattan skyline....The same people also run Old Poland Bakery and Restaurant, which is a proper sitdown restaurant on Nassau in north Greenpoint, but I think this location is better.

            -Lomzynianka is a good homey Polish restaurant.

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              And tacking on to the above, if you're a Serious Beer Person you may want to visit Tørst. When some friends were over from the UK earlier this year, it was one of the highlights of their trip.

              1. re: gort

                The beers at Tørst are indeed awesome. I haven't been back myself since maybe June. However, my hardcore beer friends are all turned off by the recent rising prices and they've kind of shunned it. It was already precious and 'nother level to begin with but I've heard that they've actually inched higher- often more than $1/oz. Perhaps because of the restaurant target audience? Or simply because they feel the market can bear it? Or maybe that's just what the beer costs to produce? But sometimes, some of the same brews will be available at Brouwerij or Breukelen for less......Well that said, for an out-of-towner willing to splurge a little bit, it's definitely destination-worthy.

                1. re: Silverjay

                  ..BTW, the folks from Brouwerij Lane are opening a large brew pub on N.14th and Franklin overlooking Bushwick Inlet. They will be brewing and serving their own beers onsite, as well as pouring other crafts. Pretty excited about this. I went by recently and they seem to be coming along. Might not be more than a month or so away from opening.

                  1. re: Silverjay

                    When did Torst raise their prices? That's annoying they were expensive to begin with

                    1. re: MVNYC

                      Seems like it has just been incremental......While they don't get fancy aged stuff or have a particularly inviting space to sit for a while and drink, I find Brouwerij Lane to be a much more economical solution to trying esoteric brews. I hope they take the same approach with the brew pub.

        2. If you need a good sandwich, go to Park Deli on Nassau Ave. It is a German deli with a splash of Polish food mixed in. For a cheap lunch or dinner - Ott Thai and Acapulco Restaurant on Manhattan Ave. Also, Peter Pan is also great for bagels and egg sandwiches.