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Oct 15, 2013 12:07 PM

Need Recommendations for Paris Meals, S.V.P.; 11/1-11/8

Greetings, Chowhounds. I'm taking my girlfriend to Paris at the beginning of November. The is my first visit since spring of 2010 and her first visit in 12 years. We could have gone just about anywhere, but we both love excellent food and museums (in that order), so we thought we'd head to Paris.

I ate a few memorable and several solid meals there in 2010. The restaurants that stand out in my memory are La Regalade and Chez L'Ami Jean. I've done some preliminary research and it sounds like L.R. is still a good bet, but that current opinions vary regarding Chez L'Ami Jean. Regardless, those are both definitely on my list.

I'm still poring through the postings here, but could you please provide a short list of restaurants I should consider? Of primary importance to us is the taste of the food, followed by ambiance. Neither of us particularly enjoys a "stuffy" restaurant, though we're not afraid to spend money on quality.

Thanks in advance!

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    1. I realize this is not so short but here it is for 2013 places:
      8.7 Hugo Desnoyer
      8.5 Jean-Louis Nomicos (new to me)
      8.1 Lazare
      8.0 110 Taillevent
      Sergent Recruiter
      7.9 Cantine de la Cigale
      7.6 Les Enfants Rouges
      7.5 Petit Champarret
      7.4 Belhara
      7.2 Felicity Lemon
      7.1 Dans Les Landes (new menu)
      7.0 6 Paul Bert
      6.9 Café Trema
      6.8 Les Climats
      6.7 Encore
      6.6 Le Verre Moutarde
      6.5 La Gagnage
      Au Bon Coin
      6.4 Flamboire
      O Divin
      6.3 Table Verjus
      6.2 Jeanne B.
      6.1 Mamou
      Jin Xin Lou
      Petit Marche
      6.0 Breteuil