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Oct 15, 2013 11:59 AM

juni or betony

Hi all,
I'd like your advice on whether I should favour juni or betony for a romantic dinner for two twenty-somethings. Has anyone been to both?
Interested to hear your thoughts. Thanks

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  1. I have not been to Juni yet but I have seen the interior and it doesn't say romantic to me (but Hergatt food is fantastic). On the other hand, Betony is a really beautiful space and it has been one of the best meals of this year for me.

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    1. re: Spiritchaser

      thanks SC. my only concern about betony is the polarity of opinion expressed towards it online/ good to hear you enjoyed. any tips?

      1. re: jmp80

        I think alot of the "polarity" has dissipated after the start up days and the glowing reviews from the "experts", If you reserve ask to be seated downstairs but not the bar area. Also, get there early and give yourself enough time to have a drink at the bar. Make sure you order their lobster dish and the short ribs.

    2. I've dined at both, and loved the food at both. I consider the food at Juni to be more creative than Betony (loved my corn and egg app; black bass main, and grapes and walnuts with honey mustard dessert at Juni; loved the foie gras bon bons, chicken liver mousse and lobster main at Betony).

      If you choose Betony, ask to be seated not in the bar area--a bit too loud and casual. Juni's decor seems more casual (no table cloths; Betony has dark table cloths); service is excellent at both. OK, Chef Shaun came out to chat with me at Juni--nice touch since I was dining solo. Plenty of twenty-somethings at both restaurants.

      Bottom line: you'll have a great time at either restaurant.

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        1. re: ipsedixit

          thanks both, will probably favour Betony given the above advice

          1. re: jmp80

            Just had a romantic B-day dinner at Betony (we are 50 somethings but look way better and are way cooler than our ages suggest)... anyway, it was excellent. Sat in the back, beautiful space, excellent service...

            1. re: dyrewolf

              thanks DW. I've read the other reviews, but do you have any recommendations?

              1. re: jmp80

                I had started with cavatelli, then short ribs. She had salad then lobster... so I am repeating the common wisdom (though I went in having read the reviews so it is self perpetuation... everyone gets those two... there was another fish that sounded quite good too)

                Trust the sommelier but be aware many wines by the glass are over $20. The list itself has some well priced wines... but the meal we ordered did not match a single bottle..

                1. re: dyrewolf

                  How was the cavatelli? Thinking about ordering it when I return to Betony in two weeks (or I'll stay with the chicken liver mousse that was excellent). Did you order dessert?

                  1. re: ellenost

                    I've had the cavatelli - like the NYT said of the whole menu, it's got those "clear and pure" flavors that are simple yet exquisite. It's served with a tableside pour of mushroom broth that really is a knockout.

                    1. re: JeffOverley

                      The Cavatelli replaces the gnocchi with corn looks like. Sounds delish. The short ribs are a dish of the year nominee for me. Anyone had the chicken?

                      1. re: Ziggy41

                        I've also had the chicken. It is superb, really like a completely different protein and amazingly rich for poultry. There maybe could have been a few more veggies alongside, but not a big deal. Here's a pic from the Times:


                    2. re: ellenost

                      Cavatelli was great, perfect snack at the bar with a glass of white if you're passing by (I enjoy hitting top spots caually that way)

        2. thanks for everyone's suggestions. had a very pleasant evening. would highly recommend the fois gras bon bons, chicken liver and fois gras (both hot and cold) snack/apps. not that crazy about the entrees, chicken v. disappointing, not a patch on nomad. short rib fine.

          1. Going to both next week! Very excited!

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              Full reviews will be coming in the next couple of weeks, but went to both back to back. Enjoyed both but thought they were very different in terms of the ambition of the restaurant.

              Betony had a good buzzy scene to grab a drink with food that was more whimsical and casual while Juni was more serene and the food more ambitious and thought provoking.

              I would tend to think of it like Betony = Nomad and Juni = EMP in terms of who they're competing against.