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Oct 15, 2013 11:48 AM

Caterers in the Healdsburg area?

Hi California hounds!
I have a large celebration to plan and am looking for a caterer that serves the Healdsburg area. I'm also interested in having some large format items like a whole roast pig.

Is there anyone you'd recommend?


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Several come to mind. I've enjoyed their food as a guest at large parties and at their restaurants, but can't speak to how they might be to work with on planning and logistics.

      Mark Malicki - Previously Richard Avedon's personal chef, one of the more interesting assignments on his bio. Currently cooking at Casino Bar & Grill in Bodega. I've had his smoked suckling pig, and many other wonderful bites and meals. He made a delicious confit with a wild turkey one of his clients bagged. I particularly like his Spanish flavors, but he's also very good at weaving in Thai and Korean touches, one of the few non-Asian chefs I'd say that about.

      Mateo Granados - also has as great CV, former exec chef at Charlie Palmer's Dry Creek Kitchen, sous for Julian Serrano at Masa's. Goat, lamb, duck, pig . . . all fantastic. Equally excellent are his vegetables and seafood dishes.

      Larry Vito - Former executive chef at SF's Fournou's Oven back in the day, moved to wine country for personal chef and catering. Caught the bbq bug, and does whole animal catering. Huge range from fine to down home cooking.

      Jeff Mall - his website says he can do a whole pig. He celebrates regional American cuisine.

      Rob Larman - now catering/personal chef-ing only, I last enjoyed his cooking at the very French, La Poste (now closed)

      Maybe some more ideas in this 2008 article,

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        Wow! What an a amazing list!! Thanks so much, Melanie. I'll let you know if I can work something out with one of these guys :-D

      2. In case you're still looking, I remembered another one. Rosso Pizzeria of Santa Rosa was the caterer for last weekend's open house at Dehlinger winery in Sebastopol. The funny thing is that for years, this open house served up pizzas to accompany the wine tasting. This time the pizza experts on duty did not make pizza. They had freshly pulled burrata, salumi, roasted beet salad, marinated olives, creamy stracciatella, focaccia and spreads, and pork sliders. The sliders were fantastic. I talked to one of the catering staff outside to ask him how the meat was prepared, as I picked up a smoky element but it didn't seem smoked. Turned out this was a heritage pig roasted Cuban-style in a Caja China. It was served with a crunchy jicama/apple slaw and the potato roll was slathered with an green-tinged herb aioli made with smoked EVOO. I commended him for serving the meat chopped into chunks rather than cooking it to death in order to pull the pork. He was really happy to hear this feedback as it was something the staff had debated. Rosso would be a good choice for a pig roast too.