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Oct 15, 2013 11:20 AM

Troubleshooting Marshmallows

Hi all,

So I tried making marshmallows at home today for the first time and they ended up flat and disappointing, I'm hoping I could get some help?

The mixture looked pretty much like the video I was watching (joy of cooking) until I removed them from the pan. They weren't springy at all, just left a dent where I pressed. Then after I started stacking them they slowly started to deflate. Now they're in the fridge because they were all melting into each other and I panicked.

For reference, I followed the Joy of Cooking marshmallow recipe exactly (except for the changes mentioned below):

Some points of concern:
- My candy thermometer is old and only goes up till 220... I had to estimate when it reached 240.
- I may have over mixed? I mixed closer to 15/16 minutes on my kitchenaid.
- the gelatin I used may have been at fault. (Please see pictures attached). It expires in December and was opened ~8-10 months ago. I can't use the regular gelatin because of dietary restrictions (pigs - any other animals are fine though) which is why I'm using this stuff. Maybe you guys have a better gelatin suggestion?

I let them set for 12 hours.

They did taste good though! I really wanted to put them in hot chocolate but that's not happening. (See pictures)

Thanks in advance for all help and suggestions!

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  1. The candy thermometer is really really important- i suspect that is the problem, not the gelatin although for your next batch try a new box

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    1. re: Ttrockwood

      Ok I'll change both and try again! Thanks :)

    2. I tried the Joy of Cooking marshmallow recipe once with similar results. I decided commercially prepared ones are all I need for hot chocolate.

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      1. re: MidwesternerTT

        Yeah I was thinking of trying one of the recipes I found listed here in an old marshmallow thread instead of using the same one, along with buying a new candy thermometer and gelatin. Hopefully I'll have better luck with an egg-white based one.

      2. I have made 6 trays of the marshmallow recipe from Joy Of Cooking every holiday season for the past twenty five years.

        The thermometer must be absolutely accurate and you should cook to exactly 240 degrees to 244 degrees (if memory serves).

        It took me about 20 years (I am a slow learner) to get a feel for how much to beat. I have learned that overbeating results in a denser and tighter and less light marshmallow (not good). I have also found that my mixer (a basic Kitchen Aid stand mixer) will not need 15 minutes to achieve the right consistency. I think that the last time I made them they reached the right consistency in about 9 minutes. The best I can tell you is that once you have reached a thick and creamy consistency stop beating.

        Good luck, they are tasty!

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        1. re: Unkle Al

          Hmm I see. Well then I definitely did overbeat.

          And I'm confused, some recipes say 236-240 and some say 240-244. Is it recipe specific or is there only one right temperature?