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Oct 15, 2013 11:08 AM

Sunday lunch/brunch and or dinner in Manhattan with 14 year old niece

It's her birthday, and I am taking her into the city for a day of beauty (my lovely niece needs no help in that department).
UPDATE: we'l be in the meatpacking district at Wonderland Beauty in the afternoon. So looking for something great to eat before and after. Maybe the Chelsea Market?
Happy to walk, especially for dinner, further into the village or up into Chelsea.

I'm a locavore/small independent/ farm food lover. She's a weird mix of adventurous eater (she ate a beating snake heart in Vietnam, along with fried bat and rat. She preferred the rat) but usually orders the most boring thing on the menu (perhaps BECAUSE of the beating snake heart). Loves steak and burgers.

Whatever you think would be delicious and wonderful and feel special and outside her normal suburban routine. Make her 14th birthday a bit of a place apart.
To appeal to the child in her, I am likely also to take her to Dylan's Cnady Bar. Any better suggestions?
Basically I am asking for someone to come up with a great Sunday in NYC of food and girly indulgences. Thanks in advance!

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  1. For someplace that's strong on ambience and perhaps to expose her to a period of art and culture she's never encountered, Cafe Sabarsky in the Neue Galerie. Northern European art and decor, plus gorgeous pastries in elegant surroundings. Or the restaurant in the Metropolitan Museum of Art or MOMA. If you choose to go to a museum, plan to spend no more than 2 hours exploring the galleries. Museum staffers know that anything longer than that overwhelms one's ability to appreciate the artworks. Museum cafes provide a respite for the eye and mind, after which the determined can resume their tours of the galleries. But nowadays, some of them have very good food, to boot.

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    1. re: greygarious

      Checking out Sabarsky!

      and update: I think I am taking her to Wonderland Beaty Bar at 230 pm in the meatpacking district. I think we can get to the city by 11 easily, so food before hand somewhere walkable would be great.

    2. Most places will be serving Sunday brunch, not lunch.

      Pastis is very close to the salon you have chosen. Make a reservation. If it's nice, you can sit try to outside.

      If you have time to kill, the High Line as well as the Standard Hotel are right there.

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      1. re: kathryn

        Thank you! Didn't realize the Highline was right there. A great place for us to walk after. I've also been interested in checking out the Standard.

        Am looking at Pastis -- hope it doesnt get too thump thump thumpy and cocktailey before 2!

        1. re: pam h in dc

          Def make a res at pastis, around noon would give you enough time for a longer meal and a walk- it does become a "scene" but not until later in the afternoon.
          I think your niece will enjoy the people watching-outside tables are the best weather permitting.
          Note that Dylan's candy bar is nowhere near meatpacking though....for a sweet treat jacques torres has a location that is walkable from meatpacking with good seating options and every kind of chocolate imaginable:

          He also has a small kiosk in chelsea market but on a sunday chelsea market will be crazy busy with limited seating

          1. re: Ttrockwood

            FYI: Jacuqes Torres inside Chelsea Market has closed.

            However, I'd still skip Dylan's Candy Bar and go to Chelsea Market instead. Liddabit opened a kiosk where Jacques Torres used to be, and they sell all kinds of amazing caramels and chocolates. for more information about their products.

            While you're there, you can also get gelato from the L'Arte del gelato stand at the west end of the building. The Eleni's bakery inside may also appeal to the "kid" in her. Well there you go, a mini sweets tour.

            1. re: zeeEats

              wonderful, thank you. I was unable to get a rezzie at Pastis, but am booked at the Standard Hotel for brunch -- so I have that at least and I will continue to look.

              We'll do brunch, appointment, then head to chelsea market for some treats. Perhaps walk the high line for a bit.

              Thanks so much for all your local knowledge! If you need similar in DC, I'm here for you!

              1. re: zeeEats

                I'd definitely skip Dylan's candy bar too..There are so many serious sweet places in NYC...I took my 5 yr old to Dylan's and was very disappointed...

                1. re: zeeEats

                  I love Liddabit Sweets, too! Lovely handmade candy bars.

                  Here are the food vendors on the High Line right now BTW:

                  Here's a previous discussion re: Chelsea Market:

          2. Before your beauty appointment in the MePa, Barbuto does brunch on the weekends and you can get the famous jw chicken on the brunch menu as well. They accept reservations if you're concerned about the wait.

            Colicchio & Sons is also not far away on 10th Ave. The tap room does brunch and a lot of friends swear by their drunken onion burger (since you mentioned she likes burgers).

            1. After your pampering and treats at chelsea market you could walk (or quick cab) over to madison square park area- there is a MAC location where they are happy to do free makeovers
              Or the sephora on 5th ave and 18th st would also do free makeovers.
              Then you would be nearby boqeria, madison square eats, eataly etc for dinner options