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Oct 15, 2013 10:28 AM

Any recent chow in Puerto Morelos?

We are considering a short stop in Puerto Morelos as part of our next Yucatan vacation. I have checked out the boards and don't see anything very recent. Has anyone visited recently? Any recs for places to stay also helpful, particularly if near good food!

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  1. El Nicho for breakfast. Tuan Tian for lunch (no frills place). Good quesadillas at quesadilla dela colonial, fresh hot tortillas. El Pesquero for local seafood. Of course you're just up the coast from Playa with tons of good places for the evening.

    Hotel Marina El Cid on the beach for under $200 a night is a great deal. Very clean modern hotel. also look at Hacienda Morelos is an inexpensive beach place that's clean but doesn't have all the high end spa amenities. Just a pool. but great water views.

    1. John Gray's Kitchen is consistently good, but not authentic Mexican. Pricey. Pelicano's near the dock is one of few places anywhere where you can have grilled conch and eggs for breakfast. Good guac and ceviche, also.