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Wild Caraway

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I am always amazed by this wonderful restaurant in Advocate Harbour. We took the two hour drive to get there on Sunday. For lunch they had a special roast turkey dinner. But being such a great chef, Andrew put his own twist on things.

The appetiser was a choice of sauteed scallops or soup. I forget what the soup was except I would have liked to try it. However I cannot pass up scallops so that is what we had. There were six of them on the plate. They were perfectly done, well browned on the outside and still a bit translucent in the centre. They came with crunchy prosciutto, a tiny bit of a wondeful sauce with cilantro.

The turkey was delicious and interesting. Andrew had deboned it and rolled it with herbs before roasting. There were two thick rounds of this on the plate, accompanied by delicious fresh peas and a wonderful mix of roasted vegetables.

I did not have room for dessert but could not pass up pumpkin cheesecake with a caramel pecan topping. It was wonderful.

The price for this set meal: $25, all included along with rolls and coffee.

They are closing for the season next weekend. I know we will be looking forward to going back in May.

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