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Oct 15, 2013 10:09 AM

Trader Joe's Dream (or nightmare)!

I've been reading some of the posts that update on discontinued products from TJ's and Costco lately. I read them, just to see if there was anything I'd be up in arms about, but didn't think much about it....

Last night I had a dream I was in TJ's and there was this entire section enclosed in glass. There was a big neon sign that said "DISCONTINUED, say goodbye" above it. And in the glass case sat all these sad little boxes and bottles. Like it wasn't enough to just discontinue something, they had to make you press your face up against the glass to bid farewell.

So random, had to share!

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  1. Funny image! I once e-mailed them to suggest that they institute some way of indicating which products are seasonal, or about to go bye-bye forever, like color-coding the shelf placards or adding a colorful sticker to the placard. Never got a response.

    It's not like this only happens occasionally, or that, like Costco, you can tell by the .97 cents at the end of the price, or the asterisk on the price placard. It would boost customer satisfaction, an aspect of their business that in other respects is clearly a TJ's priority. Maybe they don't want to encourage hoarding but regular customers already know it's prescient to hoard items they really like. If customers did clear out the stock of vanishing products, it would allow TJ to introduce replacement items sooner.

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      I suggested it to the manager at the store I frequent and he seemed amenable to the idea. All the pumpkin products currently have a special sign.