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bland meals needed for post illness

Got a bout of food poisoning, seems to be taking some time for guts to recover :(

Looking for meal ideas that are fairly bland (not spicy), but not completely boring. Low fat, low protein, low fibre seems to be best right now. Not inspired to cook because of how I feel, so looking at recipes is a chore and getting sick of soup. I am also not very hungry so something that will last a couple days (I don't mind eating leftovers)

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  1. Yuck :( That's no fun.

    Have you tried rice pudding, congee, polenta, farina or oatmeal? They're all easy to make in large batches and reheat. Other comfort foods that are easy on the tummy include lightly buttered noodles, toast with a bit of jam or butter, bananas, potatoes, white rice, miso soup...I know you said you're sick of soup but the salt is good for you right now.

    If you can stomach cultured yogurt or kefir, eat/drink some every day because you need to restore your beneficial gut flora. If the idea of dairy is still too unsettling, try drinking kombucha or taking a probiotic supplement. Also be sure you're drinking plenty of fluids in general and replenishing your electrolytes - coconut water is great for that, or there's always Gatorade.

    Feel better!

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      having lots of toast and jam and porridge has taken over from my usual smoothie. I will try some kefir, and I am taking probiotics. Coconut water is a good idea, and I have some on hand. I was thinking of making some butternut squash risotto tonight, easy on the parm (if I feel up to it). I am not sure polenta would work too well, corn and I don't always get along.

      I have some milk to use up so was thinking of making a rice pudding, but was unsure about the dairy. Worse case my SO will eat it. LOL

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        Yeah, not everyone can tolerate corn even when they're healthy, but I thought it was worth mentioning. Do you have almond, soy or coconut milk? Any of those would work in the rice pudding.

        When you're ready to add protein back into your meals, start with poached chicken breast or maybe a bit of scrambled egg with your toast if you can tolerate it.

    2. Potatoes. Mashed with milk and little butter if your not ready for full cream :). Or little latkes, crispy hash browns. Easy to toast leftover too

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        Great call - latkes with applesauce would be a nice departure from toast & jam.

      2. I find that Cream of Wheat is very easy to digest, and if you can stand it, you could add some flavor to it like a bit of honey or brown sugar.

        1. When I was sick while staying with a family in Italy the mom made me pastina with a good amount of the cooking water left in to form a soup. Add a touch of parmiggano if you feel well enough and some salt and pepper, maybe a few herbs if you are feeling adventurous.

          1. Scrambled eggs to go along with the toast.

            A friend swears by the BRAT "diet", post-illness - bananas, rice, applesauce, tea

            Jello - orange with mandarin oranges stirred in is my preferred recovery dessert

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              The "T" in BRAT actually stands for "toast" because it's one of the bland foods you can eat. I'm extremely knowledgable about this since I got stomach flu a lot as a kid :P

            2. Pancakes and crepes. A friend once had a bad GI infection and was advised to lay off fats and dairy when starting to recover. So I made a batch of pancakes using applesauce instead of milk. Man, were they great! Not only delicious, but very tender. It became my new recipe. My friend liked them too, and tolerated them well.

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                  At the time, I just used Bisquick, subbing egg whites for the egg amount called for, and applesauce for the milk. Nowadays I use a whole wheat mix that needs only water, so I use a 3:1 applesauce:water dilution.

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                    Thanks for the great idea! We are bored with regular pancakes. The Mark Bittman coconut pancakes are good, too.

              1. This recipe is rich and comforting, and leftovers are amazing.


                1. The BRAT(bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) diet is very soothing. Baked potatoes topped with plain yogurt or cottage cheese are easy on the stomach.

                  1. If you can do dairy then a good quality cottage cheese is very versatile. Spoon it right into a bowl with fruit or cherry tomatoes.

                    Also, a poached egg might hit the spot. You can poach eggs in a mise en place bowl with a little water in the micro. 31/2 minutes at power level 3 does it for me. You can eat it on top of toast if that appeals.

                    And there's always baked potato.

                    I hope you feel better tomorrow.

                    1. Mashed potatoes. I'd eat them for every meal. Seriously. I'd use illness as an excuse.

                      1. Miso soup is a good option, with some udon or soba and tofu. The miso has a lot of probiotics in it as well.

                        If you take a few bananas and cut into chunks, freeze, and then blend together it makes a nice "soft serve" dessert or snack option.

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                          Having some stomach - digestion issues myself so I can empathize. Last night's dinner was plain white rich with low fat cottage cheese and canned cream corn. It was very good.

                          Others that work for me are buttered toast- this from a nurse who said the butter coats the stomach-, popsicles, jello ( i like to drink it before it cools, like tea but cold is good), gatorade, mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, small amounts of butter as you tolerate it, ginger ale, the aforementioned BRAT diet, though the bananas don't alwayswork well for me. Baby food. Seriously, it can be very soothing. The fruit ones, anyway. And custard one if you can find it.

                          My mom used to give me warm, just cooked, jello pudding. Yum.