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Oct 15, 2013 07:45 AM

Strip T's

How is it since Ribelle opened?

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  1. I've been to Strip-T's only once since Ribelle opened, at lunch (which is when I usually go), and had the fried cauliflower, provolone and broccoli rabe sandwich. It was spectacular. I'm reposting my pic from the "best vegetarian dish" thread.

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      1. re: veggielover

        What's the inverse of vegetarian?
        Today I had the fried scrapple with an egg on rye + pepper jelly. I've been spending a lot of time in PA lately, and have been too afraid to try scrapple there.

        But this.....

        Spoke with Paul briefly. Ribelle is keeping everyone busy, but the attention to detail has not tailed off at Strip T's.


        1. re: okra

          Not to be a complete contrarian, but I really don't think the attention to detail has been there for months.

          Once upon a time I think they were *really* busting their ass to get everything perfect. Even when something missed with me, my reaction was almost always "that doesn't quite work for me, but wow it was executed well."

          That's a heck of a lot of work to keep up, and they're hot and trendy with a full reservation book. My impression is that these days when the fish comes out of the fryer NQR or a nice cut of meat gets an uneven grilling job, it doesn't get tossed, it gets plated, and while once upon a time the *mildest* possibly-unhappy comment would get a motivated and interested response, I've more recently had rather more specific complaints blown off with the bored waitstaff classic "dunno, that's the way it comes" and sent an almost-untouched portion to the garbage with nary a comment.

          For me it's gone from "must eat there weekly" to "occasional tasty lunch spot". Still a very tasty lunch, but I think the dinner experiments have gotten overambitious for the work they put into them.

          1. re: kf2vv

            hmmm, that's interesting. we had the inverse experience this wk for lunch. The Grilled Romaine,Oxtail and the burger and the chicken not pho sandwich, creamy slaw and fries were all stellar and tasted exACTly as they have since the beginning. but i'm so sorry you've had the opposite experience.

      2. re: MC Slim JB

        Thank you so much for highlighting this sandwich. I went today specifically for this delight and it was absolutely awesome. I'll definitely be back!

        1. re: CambridgeFoodie

          So glad you liked it! I felt a little guilty every time I horfed the whole thing down, but it's just vegetables: it didn't really punish my gluttony the way the lamb sandwich there would if I ate the whole thing in one sitting. (That's a hint: go back and get the lamb sandwich when it comes back on the lunch menu.)

          1. re: MC Slim JB

            Woa Woa Woa, let's not start throwing words like "gluttony" around when talking about finishing that lamb sandwich in a sitting. Last time I had it, it was so flavorful, the only sin would be not finishing it.

            1. re: Klunco

              Yeah, about that "would if"; it's actually "did when". I felt like I needed a Fernet afterward. Lotta animal fat in one sitting. But an incredible sandwich.


        2. re: MC Slim JB

          huge fan of the cauliflower sandwich. my favorite sandwich in boston…. actually one of my favorite things to eat in boston.

        3. I have been 3 or 4 times since Ribelle opened and Strip-Ts continues to be amazing. My most recent report here:

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          1. re: GretchenS

            Hi Gretchen, i was just thinking(re: you) that the fun of being the head cheerleader on the ST's squad -- is that you have so many on the squad with you :-}

          2. I've been once since Ribelle opened, and would say it was on par with what we've had before. apps and sides were all excellent (in fact, probably the best set of moxie wings of the few times i've had them), and desserts killer too, this donut may be my favorite.

            Mains were good but not quite as well executed- pork was a bit dry, fish skin a chewy instead of crispy- but we left quite happy, and the newbies we brought were suitably impressed.

            1. Went for lunch at about 12:15 on Saturday, walked in, plenty of seats available. We tried new stuff, sharing the eggplant bahn mi ( I liked it more than my wife did), and the smoked turkey Reuben, which we both thought was fantastic.Great hot fresh fries. I also got to use the bathroom for the first time there, what a ...unique experience!

              1. Went to Strip-T's once for lunch and once for dinner in the past month. The lunch was excellent, tried the terrific cauliflower sandwich and the fried fish sandwich. Fish was tasty and well-prepared but not quite as adventurous. Dinner a few weeks ago was somewhat of a letdown, though. One DC ordered a pork dish which came out nearly cold. Sent it back, it returned barely warmer. Tried a taste of another DC’s tuna special. Fish was fresh, but nearly flavorless, as was the side (wheatberries, I think). My dish was pretty good, Tautog with a since smoky sauce. Oh, of course the brioche donut was superb.