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Oct 15, 2013 07:34 AM

Chow in Fort Greene?

A friend & I are visiting Brooklyn later this week & staying in Fort Greene. I've searched this board, but there are very few recent comments on restaurants. Help! We are looking for ethic restaurants especially Chinese, Thai & Japanese. Won't have time for Flushing where I know the best Chinese is located. Can anyone point us in a good direction???

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  1. There is really one option for that type of Cuisine and it is slightly further down than Forte Greene. That place is called Umi Nom.

    Other than that, yelp will tell you of Kum Kang or something like that. That place is an Americanized CHinese Restaurant.

    There is also a very average Korean Restaurant in Clinton Hill.

    If you want ok Ramen with not that great sushi, you can also go to Waza. So, basically, if Asian, Thai, Fillipino type Fusion sounds good, brought to you by the same people who own Kuma Inn, then this is the place. .

    I live close by and really like the place..

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      I agree with Daniel that Umi Nom in Clinton Hill is an excellent option if you want distinctive, tasty asian flavored cooking- its very good and reasonably priced for what it is. Small plates-ish format.

      There really arent any good Chinese restaurants in the downtown Brooklyn neighborhoods, with the exception of Tofu on Seventh, all the way over in park Slope a barebones place with Szechuan dishes. Also no good Thai that I am aware of near you. It would be easiest for you to take the train to Manhattan Chinatown. to get your asian fix.

      there are also threads on Brooklyn sushi if you use the search feature above.

    2. No good Chinese in Fort Greene. Maybe you can make it to Sunset Park?

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          Or just to the closest neighborhood in the borough you are in that serves good chinese food.

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            At that point, the poster may as well hit up Manhattan Chinatown which is even closer.

            I can also make it to Elmhurst in my car faster than Sunset park.

            Leaving for China in a couple of days, it is just on my mind. I am not trying to be too big of a jerk!

      1. Thanks for the info. Guess it's subway riding for me!

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          I really think you should look into Umi Nom.