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Oct 15, 2013 02:42 AM

Sunday Brunch reccomendations London

We were looking for somewhere nice where they did breakfast items (pancakes, etc.) and also salads with nice cocktails. Typical NY brunch.

Been to the modern pantry, delaunay, balthasars so far, and looking for more places in that style which don't require queuing (which leaves out caravan I guess). Somewhere in Shoreditch would be good - anywhere but west london really.

Any recommendations?

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  1. Cecconi's near Green Park is my favorite.

    1. There's a Breakfast Club in both Hoxton and Spitalfileds which should suit, both menu and location.

      1. not a fan of the breakfast club, the food i had from there was pretty average.

        we just had a thread on this pretty recently -

        1. Thanks. I've been to the Soho B'fast club - waited for an hour, didn't see the fuss tbh.

          I was thinking of design / destination type places more along the vibe of John Salt, Story, Modern Pantry serving classic Americana.

          I've just made a reservation for this Sunday to Hoi Polloi which is a new opening at Ace Hotel in Shoreditch and will report back!

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            The Breakfast Club is such a farce. Breakfast is cheap even at the best hotels, why stand in line like an asshole just to eat (at best) mediocre food?

            Bums me out that people actually like that place. Something about kitschy breakfast places really and truly upsets me.

          2. Boundary is in shoreditch but is a queue place but you can book St John Bread and Wine (albeit that doesn't exactly match your description).

            What about Dishoom in Spitalfields for something different?

            The Luxe in Spitalfields has converted into a Smiths where they do brunch I believe. Not tried it but I imagine it's perfeclty decent.

            Workshop Coffee is opposite the Modern Pantry and very good. I don't think you can book but unlike Boundary, Caravan etc it's easy to get into.