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Oct 15, 2013 02:32 AM

Museum of London - restauarnts nearby?

I'm going to an evening do at the Museum of London on Thursday. Is there anywhere nearby - not expensive - to eat?

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  1. Jugged Hare (Gastro) Pub is good, although not cheap.

    Whitecross Street, depending on the time, has a very cheap and cheerful vietnamese called Viet Chao, though I believe they close at 6ish?

    1. There may be some options that suit in One New Change which is about 5min walk away. There are dearer places such as Bread Street Kitchen or Barbecoa as well as chain branches such as Wahaca and Byron.

      One of my favorite places in the general area is Pham Sushi which is about 10mins walk away from the museum.

      1. You're only a short walk from Smithfield where there are lots of options. Smiths has everything from bar food to high end dining. Or Carluccio's for reliable Italian, Comptoire Gascon for French, or Hix Oyster Bar.