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Oct 15, 2013 12:12 AM

So, Costco has a BBQ beef brisket sandwich at the snack bar... [moved from Great Lakes board]

...and I wasn't ready to plunk down $4.99 plus tax (with no drink, apparently) when I had purposed to go in and get myself a hot dog and a drink for $1.50 plus tax, which is what I ended up getting. You can guess that I was curious, though...could this thing be any good?

Has anyone out there tried it, by chance? Nothing listed about serving size, no name of the BBQ sauce listed, but it comes on a bun served with cole slaw (po' boy-style, apparently), and I don't think the price is ridiculous or anything...I just had gone in for the other thing, and this was a new addition to the menu recently.

Thoughts? Accusations? Statements to go on your Permanent Record?

Anyone? Bueller?

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  1. Saw this item in Vancouver Costco. Didn't try. I thinned it was a smoked beef sandwich a la Montreal. My Costco in New Jersey still has sausage sandwiches.

    1. It's alright, nothing I'd probably order again; I'll stick to my chicken bake and sausage sandwich. the one I had could've used some tender meat, more bbq sauce and more acid in the coleslaw. my bun was a little on the dry side too. it's a decent size though.

      1. it's not woth the price.
        the 1.50 hot dog & drink w/double sauerkraut, onions & mustard is a much better deal.
        i tried the bbq last night, it was mostly dry bun & not much flavor in the bbq or the slaw.

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        1. re: Michigan Mishuganer

          Ah, thanks for taking one for the team, MM. I appreciate it, anyway.

          Kraut? On a dog? Negative on that. ;)

        2. Which Costco in the Great Lakes region? I was at one of the stores in WI last week and did not see this as an option on their menu but their menu is quite limited.

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          1. re: Fowler

            This particular Costco was in Michigan, the Auburn Hills location to be specific. I was under the (probably false) impression that all Costco cafes had the same menu.

            1. re: boagman

              Thanks for mentioning the location so we all know where you are talking about. From the various Costco stores I have been to around the country, the snack bar offerings vary and that makes sense from a supply/demand perspective. I am sure the brats sell very well in the Midwest Costco snack bars but would not sell so well in say the Southern California Costco snack bars and that is why they are not offered there. Their products in general seem to vary as well by region.

            2. re: Fowler

              i tried the bbq @ Pittsfield, MI (Ann Arbor) location.

            3. I'll agree with everyone that it's not worth buying... though my co-workers like it just fine. I found the flavor kind of strange and too peppery. At $4.99 it's a pretty good price for Seattle as BBQ sandwiches are way overprice here. [you can easily pay $9]. The Kirkland pulled pork they sell in the meat/cheese section is much better. If they just put that on a torta roll with Stubbs BBQ sauce I would probably buy that once in a while.

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              1. re: knowspicker

                Thanks for the replies so far, everyone.

                As for you, KP, you're right: $9 is pretty darned high. One of the most famous BBQ places here in the Detroit area, Slows, charges $8.49 for theirs, and that's without a side item, and Slows is pretty much infallible in their sandwiches.

                $9 is...a lot for a BBQ sandwich of any kind. Strange that it's so high where you are.