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Oct 14, 2013 08:23 PM

Jolokia/Ghost peppers.

A family member just got back from a culinary vacation in India & was unable to find any dried or powdered jolokia/ghost pepper. Apparently it all gets exported. So with that in mind, does anyone know where in the GTA I could find some?

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  1. you can get a few dried ones from fat bastard burrito, i have seen them for sale in their display cases in their stores,

    1. What are you planning to do with said ghost pepper, hmm?

      Ps. if you're intending to eat one, please film.

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        Are you working for CSIS justxpete?

        1. re: terrycar

          Lol. Just making sure the internet gets its due.

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          One of the tastiest pepper sauces I have had was made with ghosts...Caribbean style

        3. They have them online at cross country nursery. Well, they did last week.

          All gone! NVM.

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            Thanks but I just want to go out to a local shop & grab some.I'll keep digging.

          2. My Superstore carried them a few weeks ago. I was quite surprised to see them there

            1. contact house of spice in kensington market he had some there a few months ago