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Oct 14, 2013 07:57 PM

Birthday dilemma

I'm trying to find a restaurant/bar-lounge (not a club) where I can host my 27th birthday party for about 40 guests. Problem is I don't want to deal with the Private-event package/prix-fix menu/minimum spending issues. I've gotten 3K minimum spending which i'm sure 40 guest can meet but I don't like restricting my guests to one set menu or price (everyone's finances are different anyways). It doesn't even need to be a private event just a place for us to eat, drink and be merry.

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  1. That's such a large party for most restaurants that don't have private dining spaces for groups. Either buy out the space for an evening out from smaller restaurants or reduce size dramatically. ie:-Vespa on the ues has a nice outdoor space that might work well. Besides, diners in most respectable places mat not want to feel like they are having to "put up" w your festivities while on their night out for a nice meal.

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      Thanks, checked out Vespa and it's a little too formal. I was actually recommended to try La Nuit since it's a bar lounge, and I'll be looking into that. I'm sure on a Saturday night my festivities will fit right in.

    2. How about Hill Country downstairs? It has it's own bar, lots of big long tables, and there's live music later in the evening.

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        It also has a prix fixe menu for large groups, which I don't think the OP wants.

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          Maybe the price point with Hill Country (certainly not $3000 for only 40, since the OP says they don't need to take over the restaurant) would make this workable.

          Seems worth finding out if 40 people would force a group into the prix fixe, also (only if Hill Country even appeals to the OP, too, of course).