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Oct 14, 2013 07:32 PM

Lunch ideas near the UW campus on a Sunday.

Hi! I am coming to the west side for a long weekend. Part of the plan for the weekend is a chance to watch the Lady Huskies VB team play a match on Sunday, Oct. 20th at 4:30 pm. I will be driving up from Auburn and would love to try a good restaurant for lunch and I see Seattle Eats is that weekend. Is there someplace nearby the campus or on the way that would be good to try? I love all types of food and am willing to spend a little more than usual since it's just me. Just want to be at the Pavilion by 4:00. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Doesn't have to be an Eats participant.

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  1. 50 North is a Restaurant Week participant open for lunch on Sunday. I've only had dinner there once, but remember it to have been good.

    1. I think Cafe Lago is the call here. Their lasagna is a specialty and they've started to have a nice little cocktail program.

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        Except that Cafe Lago serves dinner only, opening at 5.

        But I agree, getting out of the U District per se will offer more "nice" options.

        Late brunch at Luc? A little farther from UW, but a pretty drive through the arboretum. Brunch until 4.

        Or Monsoon, always good and not the typical brunch options.