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Oct 14, 2013 04:35 PM

Brioche Hamburger Buns - can I do a rise overnight in the fridge?

I'd love to make brioche buns for an upcoming dinner party, but it's mid-week, and timing will be tricky.

The recipe I'd like to use (Smitten Kitchen's) calls for two rises. One rise is the initial dough and the second rise is after forming into balls.

My goal is to NOT affect the overall quality of the buns... so, with that in mind:

I'm wondering if I can do the 2nd rise in the fridge (meaning, make the dough in the evening, let it rise, then form into balls, wrap the tray in plastic and then let it do the 2nd rise overnight in the fridge. My concern is that the individual balls may be prone to drying out.

Or, I'm wondering if I can form into balls (after the first rise), wrap each ball/bun tightly in plastic, put in the fridge overnight, and then set them out to do the second rise prior to baking.

Or... is my best bet doing the 1st rise overnight, then forming them when I get home from work, let them do the 2nd rise and bake.

Ideas? (and if anyone has a recipe they think is better than the SK one, I'm all ears!)

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  1. Form the balls, put on cookie sheet w/ space in between (they will continue to rise) and cover loosely w/ wrap. The next day, let it come to room temperature and bake.

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      Thanks, chowser! You are making my day! :)

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        I disagree with the "cover loosely" part because I've had dough dry out in the fridge if not well covered for such a long time. Obviously tightly covering balls of dough on a cookie sheet will constrict their rising so I use a baking dish with 2"-3" sides - more than enough room for buns to rise - and cover tightly.

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          That's a good point because "cover loosely" can mean different things to different people. I wouldn't seal it tight because the moisture won't escape but something like she's done here at the 8:50 mark,

          Or this for a photo: