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Oct 14, 2013 04:09 PM

How authentic is Grill 212? Hijabi authentic. (Manhattan)

Rare, but nice, to find a kosher place in this town that attracts diners who appear and sound Arab, including hijabis. I love the food at Grill 212, and assume that the Arab crowd it sometimes attracts is a testament to the authenticity of the food. This is a small place on West 80th. Not at all fancy, probably does more business take-out than eat in. A Yemenite treasure.

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  1. I hope it attracts a diverse crowd! However I eat there fairly often and have never seen anyone who appears to be Arab, let alone someone in a hijab. Am I missing something?

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      2nd time it's happened to me; but although I love the food, I only get there once in a blue moon.

      I don't see hijabis very often in kosher places, I thought it was nice to see.

    2. I like this place a lot. Ii find it to be one of the better Israeli-Yemenite places in the city.

      1. I don't know about Arabs, but a large group of my friends, critical palates all, got take-out there recently to eat at someone's apartment. Everyone, even the Syrian Jews among us, thought the food was wonderful. We ordered a variety of dishes and every one of them was delicious, even the fried tilapia. Often the fish at a kosher fleishig place is there only as a sop to those who don't eat meat, but this fish was as fresh and tasty as the rest of the dishes.