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Oct 14, 2013 03:39 PM

Reno - Z Pie - as in pot pie!

We first sampled this great food at last weekend's Riverwalk Dining District event. Went back a couple of days ago for lunch and it was really good. We shared the Rosemary Lamb pie ($8) which was NZ lamb,tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, green beans, pearl onions, balsamic reduction, rosemary and mint. Scrumptious with a wonderful flaky crust. We also shared a bowl of their soup of the day ($3) which was chicken, wild rice, brown rice, carrots, cream and other good things :) We each had a glass of wine which, IIRC, was $7.

In addition to the really good food, 100% of their proceeds go to support The Eddy House, a place for kids who have "aged out" of foster care. Here's a new article about it and them:

So in addition to getting good food, you also know you're helping others. Win-win.

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  1. thanks for this. we have relatives in reno - i will let them know. next time we visit, i'll lobby to try this place!

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      My pleasure. Downtown and Midtown Reno are getting a number of good and local spots with a nice vibe.