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Oct 14, 2013 03:00 PM

Elevage "pop up" in Tampa Oct 15 -19

A preview week of the menu from Elevage, one of the most exciting sounding restaurants to appear in this area in ages, takes place at Sideberns Oct 15 - 19.... and not a single word about it on this board?!

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  1. Very disappointed in the level of curiosity on this board. Also disappointed in the Elevage preview, which I attended tonight and which was, overall, a good but not entirely stellar experience. Best dishes by far were the lamb lasagna, lahmajun flatbread and rabbit rillettes appetizer. The much anticipated duck-duck-goose burger wasn't particularly exciting (incredibly enough, it tasted more like just a regular burger) and the escargot tortellini was also sort of so-so. Our friend loved his steak sandwich (but how good can a steak sandwich really be anyway) and my wife thought her "Sunday Dinner" pork ribs entree wasn't anything special. We were too full to try the side dishes or desserts, but some of those looked pretty promising.
    So does anyone out there care?...

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      LOL! A few of my friends attended tonight and I'm looking forward to getting an honest opinion. I hope to attend more of these things, but I can get frustrated between the expense of the evening vs the 'hit or miss' nature of the food. I have eaten Chef D.M's food a few times at Three Birds and it was 50/50. Different style food here it seems, so we'll see how and in what environment she's at her best.

      1. re: Immoral_Cookie

        She's not at Elevage she is at Datz Dough.....

    2. Everyone should keep in mind that this is not a true pop up, it's more of a dress rehearsal. Therefore, it seems to me that uneven execution would be somewhat excusable. I couldn't make it to Sidebern's this week, but I'm not going to judge Elevage's food on the basis of reviews of this "pop up".

      Thanks for the thread, though, Telstar. This board never has the latest information any more.

      1. So, where is Elevage going to open? When? Is it somehow connected to the ownership of Sideberns, or are they just doing a favor for a friend?