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Oct 14, 2013 02:19 PM

Two days in Branson....

Are there any good locally owned restaurants in Branson, Mo. serving locally raised products. We don't need fancy food, just tasty food. Will need breakfast, lunch, and dinner for two days. Thanks.

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    1. Be sure to have a meal at the Ketter Center, a big lodge near the entrance to College of the Ozarks, aka "Hard Work U." Just a few miles from Branson on the highway going south, just off the exit to the right (west). A gorgeous, rustic wood lodge with great picture-window views. Students comprise almost all of the kitchen and serving staff. Good food, big portions, excellent service from students. Highlights are the desserts -- they run a strong bakery and when we went I'm pretty sure they made their own ice cream. A great break from the chains and all-you-can-eat places in Branson proper, a very nice drive, a scenic dining room, and you (and your kids) will find the college mission and philosophy interesting. Highly recommended for Branson.

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        Be sure to call and make reservations. This is a great place.