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What's new and exciting?

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Were finally heading back to New Orleans!!! My husband and I are coming back to town for jazz fest next year after a 4 year hiatus. It's been far too long! This is our 5th trip to your fine city, so we have our favorites and we know the old reliables. I'm hoping to hear of what's new that we should try and check out while were there. We'll be flying in Wednesday and heading home on Monday, so we've got room for meals. We're staying near the casino and won't have a car with us. I love everything but my husband prefers his food a little simpler. Cochon and Irene's are two places we loved last time. August would probably be out of his culinary range. Late night spots would be appreciated as well!!

Thank you!!!

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  1. Pesce, SoBou, Sylvain, Kingfish, Borgne are some of the good new restaurants.

    1. Mariza in The Rice Mill, located in the Bywater.


      Fabulous food...a must try is the Burarata Crostini & Tomatoes.

      1. Root, Revolution, Maurepas Foods, Booty's, High Hat