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Oct 14, 2013 01:17 PM

Help Please! Clear plastic containers for a non-restaurant member!

I am planning an engagement party for my one and only daughter. We are Greek and I would like to have small gifts of Greek pastry that I and my 92 year old (!) Mom will bake for the guests to take home. I live in Andover...any ideas as to where I can purchase those clear square containers? I cannot think of any restaurant around here that uses them. Thank you in advance! I am in Boston at least 2x a week...will travel for these :)

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  1. You can usually get inexpensive clear plastic containers at the Christmas Tree Shops where the household stuff is...foil and plastic wraps, cleaning supplies, etc.

    1. I have had success with my local supermarket bakery selling me containers.

      1. there's a michael's craft store in the porter square shopping center. and china fair, further up mass ave, is another possibility

        1. I think you are talking about 'clamshell' containers?

          I'd go into someplace (restaraunt or grocer) that uses them and see if they'd sell them to you, or order some. I've done this for bakery boxes, cake circles, and it's no problem. For some businesses, it's just another thing to sell and make a little money on.

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            That is exactly what I am looking for! Thank you!!!!

          2. This place in JP sells restaurant supplies to the public. Bet they have them.