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Oct 14, 2013 01:09 PM

Osteria Stellina, Pt. Reyes Station

Didn't find its own thread, started this one. Unfortunately, wish I could tell you we had a great meal here but we didn't.
Our friends from NJ were staying at Nick's Cove, we drove down to pick them up and went to Stellina.

Seated and started to look at the menu. It reads well with a nice array of choices. We started with Warm citrus marinated olives which were fine but “Beans & Greens” -rosemary simmered cannellini beans and braised greens were over cooked and mushy. Our final starter was a pizza, Drake’s Bay Family Farms oysters, braised leeks, parsley and lemon thyme. I love Neapolitan style pizza and respect the middle can be soggy but this entire pizza was wet and mushy, difficult to even get on a plate. The real kicker is that the flavor was surprisingly bland.

Entrees were two pastas, pappardelle with lamb ragu and orecchiette with sausage and broccoli rabe. Two huge bowls of pasta with virtually no lamb ragu or sausage and broccoli rabe.
Other two entrees were a mediocre tasting salmon and a very good braised lamb with fingerling potatoes.

Decided to skip dessert. The four of us had heard great things about Stellina but our meal was a total disappointment from start to finish.

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  1. Oof, how dismal. Sorry you had to go through this, but the update will help others.

    Did your friends comment on any meals at Nick's Cove?

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      Yes, big disappointment in Stellina.

      Our friends did have dinner one evening at Nick's Cove. Unfortunately they said it was mediocre at best. They loved the accommodations in one of the cottages on site.

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        Another point of data. I had a mid afternoon snack at Nick's Cove this week. Clam chowder was OK, no better. The raw oysters were OK, but the least tasty among the five places I sampled Oysters. The friend I was riding around with got the crab mac & cheese. Not sure how to judge it as I thought it sounded like a bad idea. Tasting it didn't really change my opinion, though it was better than I would have guessed. A nice selection of wines by the half bottle, though.

      2. I ate dinner there a few weeks ago & didn't have time to post right then. My dinner was mixed, some good & some meh. I thought maybe I ordered wrong.

        I got 2 salads & a side of beans & greens. One salad featured pears that were overpowered by other strong flavors in the salad. The other salad was watermelon & I liked it a lot better. The beans & greens was so oversalted that I sent it back. The second try was better but nothing I couldn't make at home with little effort & some really good olive oil; I had hoped they would do something at least a little more interesting with it.

        Overall impression: just okay.

        Service was good though.