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Oct 14, 2013 12:31 PM

Organic Fresno [Hwy 99]

Last Monday I was headed south on Highway 99 and spotted Organic Fresno’s roadside sign tucked among a motel row. The next exit was right there so I pulled off for a quick recon.

The man who greeted me warmly was somewhat apologetic that they were sold out of many items after a busy weekend. Pastured eggs, $5/dozen, all gone. Baked goods, fresh juices, not yet replenished, but I was pleased to hear that the community is supporting the concept. The full menu is online.

I got a “Flow”, $3, for the road. This was water kefir with hibiscus tea. Aromatic, barely sweet, and naturally carbonated, the perfect refresher.

Organic Fresno
903 N. Parkway Drive
Fresno, CA 93728

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    1. A colleague and I recently had lunch here enroute to Santa Barbara from Merced. Pace was a bit leisurely due to the fact that our meals were made to order; service was excellent and friendly.

      Both lunches started with a vegetable bean soup, which was delicious, and a simple, perfectly dressed salad of fresh greens. Colleague had a wrap (can't remember which one) and I had the chicken tikka masala, tasty but not memorable. There were a lot of baked goods at the counter but we didn't indulge. Colleague did buy some natural dried fruit for the road. Lunch here definitely fit the bill as a healthy alternative to either diner food or fast food, to keep us going on the long road trip.

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        How'd you know I've had a lingering curiosity about the CTM? Thanks for the report.

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          just a wild guess :-) No, seriously, I am not at all into wraps, which limited my options. My DC really liked her wrap quite a bit, just not my thing. Next time I want to try the meatballs, or possibly the 'fake tuna'. (made with garbanzos).

      2. Just ran across this report that Organic Fresno is closing next week:

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            That was a tough location especially for the concept.