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Oct 14, 2013 12:15 PM

Pre-marathon dinner in Manhattan

Friends and I are staying near Bryant Park and looking for dinner the night before the marathon. It doesn't have to be pasta, maybe salmon, rice or pasta. Nothing too rich...we'll save that for after the race! It doesn't have to be a restaurant (i know there is a whole foods at Columbus Circle that might have some ready made food?) Just looking for something light.

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  1. Within walking distance you will find Docks and Wild Edibles for excellent seafood.
    There is also the Grand Central Oyster Bar if you want to get fresh oysters and chowder. Most of the other choices on the menu are not memorable.

    1. Head over to Hell's Kitchen and get some pasta at Etceteraetcetera or viceversa or Nizza. Or literally dozens of others over there.

      I am sure you know better than to eat shellfish (I usually go with pasta and a grilled chicken breat, the protien helps)

      1. Mercato is not far, was discussed on this thread:

        Or you're about a 15min walk to koreatown, if a bibimbop or korean stew sound good i like cho dang gol:

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          I would definitely avoid spicy korean stew night before marathon-are you kidding? Just when you are about to kick off for race......well no need to elaborate.

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            Maybe rice cakes and tofu with kimchi and a non-spicy broth?

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              Isn't kimchi made of cabbage and tofu beans? Total fail for a prerace meal

              You want pasta or rice with simple sauces and a protein like grilled chicken. And make sure you get your fiber through Sat afternoon.. don't want to spend any longer than necessary in those latrines in Staten Island, (espescially if you are wave 3 or 4 they will be super nasty by then and out of toilet paper so bring some of your own)

            2. re: UES Mayor

              The OP mentioned rice and a bibimbop or the stew can be made without the spicy stuff....i order it that way since i'm a spice wimp myself

          2. Pasta:
            Osteria Laguna

            Fish and rice:

            1. I'm having the same problem, finding foods that are safe and won't cause bowel movements/gas during the race on Sunday.

              I think we're going to go with a huge late lunch at Bouley and some light dishes w/ rice and soup dumplings at Shanghai Cafe for dinner.

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                no no no no

                Bouley is a nice place, French, known for rich foods. there is plenty of time to eat that after the race or now during taper (though I diet during taper) The days before the race are not Chowhound days (unless you search for boring tomato sauce with little garlic or onion or parmesean cheese)

                Friday should be low fat, hi carbs, high fiber and protein. Saturday should be same but eliminate most fiber from say 2PM on. Sunday AM, oatmeal or a bagel etc and bring food to snack on while in Staten Island. There is a long gap between leaving home and starting the race (if takingthe ferry be on a boat 2 1/2 hours before your start time... 30 min for the ferry, 30 min for the shuttle, 60 min to get to corral and fully sorted, corral closes 30 min before your wave)

                If you must have Asian go for Ramen or just a big bowl of mai fun noodle soup.