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Chanterelles at Momofuku Ssam Bar

Had this on Saturday and can't get the dish out of my mind. Roasted chanterelles with fresh purslane, a creamy (probably sous vide) egg yolk, and shavings of luscious bone marrow all over the top. Drool.

Also: apple kimchi is back on the menu, which mean the awesome tomato dish with uni, watermelon, shiso dish is probably going away soon/gone.

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  1. Sounds delicious! Had wanted to try the uni, watermelon, shiso dish. Maybe I need to visit to Ssam Bar on Saturday for dinner--haven't been there in ages.

    1. Trying to decide among the main dishes: duck; steak; or scallops--have you had them, and which was your favorite?

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        Slight edge to the duck because you get both breast and confit. But only a slight edge.

      2. Still on the menu and still delicious!

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          Looks delish. I have Hearth scheduled for this friday. What to do Kathryn, what to do ;)

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            Have mushrooms & gnocchi at the bar at Hearth. Then walk to Ssam.

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              I have a 7:30 date at Hearth with the wife but I'm free earlier (as early as 4) to roam around. Something to think about

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            Thank you for this! I am going to Ssam Bar tonight. It will only be my second visit; the first time was over three years ago when I did the bo ssam. I already had my eye on the chanterelles. If anyone has additional recommendations for particular dishes I'd love to hear!

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              Raw fluke with rice puffs & cilantro, pork buns, Broadbent's country ham, apple kimchi are all really good. For mains, really enjoyed the steak with peanut/fish sauce/Brussels/pork rinds on our last visit. The duck is also excellent--last time I had it, it had both a crispy square of confit & some seared breast. Though if this early snow keeps up, I'd go to the rice cakes with spicy pork sausage. Kind of like an Asian gnocchi with ragu. Very filling though.

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                Thank you for the recommendations! There was a group of us, so we ordered a lot, and I got to try a taste of everything. We got: steamed buns, bok choy in XO sauce, apple kimchi, roasted chanterelles, grilled octopus, diver scallops, flat iron steak, pork sausage and rice cakes, a duck special, lemon pistachio pie and popcorn caramel layer cake.

                We liked everything, but the hits were the steamed buns, bok choy, apple kimchi, octopus, scallops, and pork sausage (my personal favorite). I was disappointed in the chanterelles; they were just ... missing something. All I really tasted was the egg; maybe I got a bad bite. The apple kimchi was an interesting mix of flavors and textures; the bacon on top was ridiculously good. The octopus and scallops were both perfectly cooked. I liked the steak and the Brussels sprouts (hard to mess up roasted sprouts), but the peanut sauce with it did not pair well (and I am a HUGE PEANUT FAN). Others didn't like the duck special but I thought it was great. Lemon pie was appropriately creamy and lemony, and I was surprised how much I liked the popcorn layer cake. The first bite of the cake was super sweet, almost too sweet, I thought I didn't like it (and, similarly, I am A HUGE SWEETS PERSON), but being a sweets person of course I had another bite, and another, and another ... and then my piece was gone. Guess I liked it after all, ha ha.

                All in all, a delicious dinner; frankly, more delicious than I remembered Ssam Bar being, which was a pleasant surprise.

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                  I just did an eating tour of NYC, in mid-October. Was only my second time in NYC.

                  Ssam Bar was probably my favourite meal (well, tied for 1st with Barney Greengrass - another surprise). And I don't mind telling you, I ate at A LOT of places.

                  I knew Ssam Bar was going to be good, but not "best meal of my trip" good. It was simply stunning.

          3. Holy crud that sounds amazing.

            1. What time should I come put my name tonight for a table for 2 at 8 PM

              1. Thoroughly enjoyed dinner at Ssam last night. Sitting at the long communal table was tight and not very comfortable but the food saved the day. 4 great dishes (with 1 clear winner), 2 ok's, 0 bad...

                Striped Bass - loved it. Just enough acidity and very tasty

                Roasted Chanterelles - Excellent! Good call Kathryn. Just a nice combination of flavors from the egg, croutons, and the melted bone marrow. Coudnt get enough of this

                Roasted Jurgielewicz duck - Expertly prepared tender duck. The Barley and Cranberry didn't really add much for me but a very nice dish overall

                Spicy Pork Sausage & Rice Cakes - Insane! By far my favorite dish. I'm thinking about this dish today the same way Kathryn described the Chanterelles even tho I just came back from the dentist. I almost didn't order it. When I asked about the dish, the waiter assured us it was "Very Spicy" and "Exactly like Mission Chinese" which I don't care much for. But I decided to order it anyway and he couldn't be more wrong. Plenty of heat but plenty of joy even for my wife who doesn't tolerate too much heat well

                Apple Kimchi - Was just ok for me. Its mostly an apple
                Cashew Hozon - Worst dish of the night. Like a cashew "hummus" with some off-putting anchovies. A regular fresh hummus would have been more flavorful.

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                  The rice cakes have always been one of my favorite dishes at Ssam Bar and I couldn't agree more that it's much more interesting than just Sichuan peppercorns and blatant heat.

                  I'm going for dinner tonight, and I think you may have sold me on the striped bass!